NAZG III v27 Patched

NAZG III v27 Patched nazg-iii-v26-patched

NAZG II has over 1000 themed apps, 15 generic folders, 25 drawers, more than 24 cloud based wallpapers, dynamic calendars, CM Theme Engine, LG Home, Xperia Home and Icon Masking support.

You need a third-party launcher to use this icons.


v27 Update:
– New icons
– Fixed activities

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  • NAZG III v27 Patched XNk1grCTpCQUi-b5MCQFGQN0nkFbBK2qXVCyPQiWmYQcRHk9ax06PoXTTWhk1U1fFQ=h310
  • NAZG III v27 Patched wmgC8rn2TTnBI0UxgaynZximG9_rqdWUdA1t4PHocHTFOWMtesO3UlzFQmhEXfGf6g=h310
  • NAZG III v27 Patched 5chrW0uv8ixaFKcZbUsu6kqvbjkQ5WFTkLhXT7Geoqo816tjQlC1VFZ5yr3aQG80Ekqf=h310
  • NAZG III v27 Patched WxGfw8g8gPN5-wT1fTOrUFeLWmKSpr4s9nx5PTu32_bnZGXKROq8UUQy46XkIYLhrT-s=h310
  • NAZG III v27 Patched S8G5f8E-wRwatQ_WNTWKqKmoCSI2IoxTbrnSPyODCirVaQG5VynSBI28BWYZrmTR1w=h310



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