NAZG – Icons v27 Patched

NAZG – Icons v27 Patched nazg-icons-v26-patched

ARK has over 590 icons, with over 510 themed apps, 15 generic folders, 25 drawers, more than 20 cloud based wallpapers, dynamic calendars, CM Theme Engine, LG Home and Xperia Home support.

The Polar dashboard by Aidan Follestad and Tom Wellington was implemented and tweaked specifically to match and highlight the design of the icons, delivering a truly premium product that will continue to be supported with constant updates, unique content and the best look for your device.

Essentially, ARK is one of them most unique icon packs out there, and it guarantees a distinctive and unique look for your device at any time.

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v27 Update:
– New icons
– Fixed activities

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  • NAZG – Icons v27 Patched VH6_SRKro48kBgUj9EWY1ipYDTFS_peo46bEebb8zyLw454IOwxDsAKEXSCGeYG3CVg=h310
  • NAZG – Icons v27 Patched npdfSJc3i-WvN091ZW8GgOG-QGxyB43C4M_dfrbhFj47ppDBipbc5_oMvdSsTmjkBio=h310
  • NAZG – Icons v27 Patched mgkdEiVFM3i5uuT29VXpMbjIRTnr2nVWqCyXpJX-q5ohcl1exTR5cSb4e0LqMMBWQ7Nt=h310
  • NAZG – Icons v27 Patched lCzwj4fY4Ylsnc8eUj7VR6UZmzC9DoiO4YRaxg8q7i12e0LGTtZB4Ty38eNGMF4-TKI=h310
  • NAZG – Icons v27 Patched mxMDTLde_mrTMgq6-O0CS-AYapxl9oLEJ1oeAwqxWsT_m8x0RQgao5iJ8EDnmK-BfSY=h310
  • NAZG – Icons v27 Patched 7IuKLUs2cdKh0btFbnVRx1LjBxPJPfSDHdPtZi0w8I4X0pF1jHr_5tu0R7PeSWanEl4=h310
  • NAZG – Icons v27 Patched I246qzItMQ0OCuRPAlh9dqcE01JMxA1PeWiSjy_bn-DYIC7_eURIk8BLw--oRbjmWg=h310
  • NAZG – Icons v27 Patched KRAZFYvtw1yTaA1IO35GUs7Ws_Zr0Yyq0nb_Hf8Jr3tMxXtmNGCnJ0CbEVddtO7u-g=h310



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