NAZG Dark – Icons v31 Patched

NAZG Dark – Icons v31 Patched nazg-dark-icons-v31-patched

NAZG Dark has over 1000 themed apps, 15 generic folders, 25 drawers, more than 24 cloud based wallpapers, dynamic calendars, CM Theme Engine, LG Home, Xperia Home and Icon Masking support.

The Polar dashboard by Aidan Follestad and Tom Wellington was implemented and tweaked specifically to match and highlight the design of the icons, delivering a truly premium product that will continue to be supported with constant updates, unique content and the best look for your device.

Like NAZG, NAZG Dark will look unique and bring a lot of creativity to your device, making it a great companion for any casual or hardcore customization lover.

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– Happy Halloween! We’ve added some special Halloween icons to make your homescreen a bit more spooky

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  • NAZG Dark – Icons v31 Patched wvjMhXSd9xoCWqXVV1KIxQ43Js2py6lOcU7PQZ4CtnSy-jqJ4UoPuYyeUPcx-iW40DbA=h310
  • NAZG Dark – Icons v31 Patched UiDhl2QzOMMPDRSgiV3OvSUZ9M6CRnVS1XBgDDNe8bIJMkJFs_xPuPPI72Q1vfzSZ6M=h310
  • NAZG Dark – Icons v31 Patched Z5FwZf1oitn74n9JoysjiYF9h-zvdlqOuDDy-E1qzsmLdIiDCGJJGb2fgJUk4Pb_=h310
  • NAZG Dark – Icons v31 Patched s1hCXgAABv7tVCFxcoqAqz-Qg4jyaoOhWx27ecA4jrn8_Ye7qgAHZ4XrF1rrOgZzmLQ=h310
  • NAZG Dark – Icons v31 Patched 2Vnvj9TX1Wj-KAIrajnbSieMln7N_i9ZZo4HzYuXtJsDGSNerfojMDXf14XUfbk1KM8=h310
  • NAZG Dark – Icons v31 Patched RGuSnKgnzLU06o-i_wzKVI8vHIefmW0oCEPYPobXmGzaYx2Ioyke_506YGOuuUuyq48=h310
  • NAZG Dark – Icons v31 Patched rnkh9UnCwahtQXabT16zV_ipYvGi80ae705Xzi1Y9SxVASAu8vXgnCMnV2pmaNdPUg=h310



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