Name days Pro v4.24 Patched

Name days Pro v4.24 Patched name-days-pro-v4-24-patched

– application won 3rd place in the competition Android Code 2016 in the “Slovak applications” category
– Slovak, expanded Slovak, Czech, Hungarian, Polish, German, Austrian and French calendars with public holidays
– simultaneously evaluates two calendars, for example Slovak and Czech
– Slovak and Czech calendars contain homely names of first names too (called aliases in application)
– choice of contacts for evaluation by accounts/groups
– you can add your own aliases to first names
– you can add names into calendar
– meaning and characteristics of Slovak first names from base SK calendar, for Czech names the application can show meaning and characteristics of the Slovak equivalents. You can add you own meaning and characteristics of all first names.
– you can insert other relevant dates into calendar (wedding anniversary, …)
– a unique function “Not found contacts” is included. The application searches for the contacts which it cannot find name days for. By adding an alias or added name it solves the problem.
– when the application finds the name day of contact incorrectly, you can mark it as incorrectly found for the specific calendar, date and name
– notification of events in the status bar
– an overview of the following events
– 6 types of widgets,four of them with amazing customization options + 1 widget for thoughts for the heart
– material design, 12 optional colours of application, light and dark theme
– adjusted for mobile and tablet screens in both orientations
– predefined wishes (in Slovak, Czech, English ang German language). You can add your own wishes.
– sending wishes by text message, email or chat. You can directly call the contact or create a calendar event.
– thoughts for the heart (quotations). They are displayed on tab NAMES and new configurable widget.
– localization in Slovak, Czech, English and German language
– new version 4 runs on Android 4.1 and higher

A detailed description and manual can be found on the application website (for now only in Slovak language, we will translate it)

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Version 4.24:
– a possibility to add pictures to additional dates
– a name Rozálie added to CZ calendar
– added default template 1×1 for widget MxN
– minor bug fixes

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