Moviebase v0.8.3 Prime Mod

Moviebase v0.8.3 Prime Mod moviebase-v0-8-3-prime-mod

Get access and use media content from The Movie Database, IMDb, Netflix, Trakt, Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic.

Moviebase gives you flexibility and control to customize your home screen with your own card categories.

Discover the world of movies and series
• Explore huge amount of categories: Popular, Now Playing, On TV, Upcoming, Trending, Anticipated, Top Rated, Box Office
• Browse through our catalogues such as Marvel Universe, Oscar Nominations, Disney, Pixar, Award Winning
• Open Netflix Originals movies and TV shows on Netflix trough the app
• Know all popular people
• Variety of best genres

Create your evening program
• Search your films, series and actors in the largest internet community database
• Filter movies and TV shows by genres, year and vote average
• Lookup for related networks and genres
• Get personal recommendations based on your taste

Keep track
• Add what you want to watch on your Watchlist and mark you watched content
• Save your favorites in a collection
• Create your own custom lists
• Sort your lists by title, release date, vote average and recently added
• See the progress of your watched episodes
• Get the next airing dates and times
• Follow your beloved stars on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram through the app
• Rate your movies and TV shows you have seen

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Content that you need
• Read ratings, reviews and user comments
• Have access to a gallery of high resolution posters, backdrops and fanart
• Watch the latest trailers
• Inform yourself about the current cast and crew
• Further Facts: Runtime, genre, certification, release information, original title, production country & company, networks, revenue, budget

Connect services
• Synchronize your data from Trakt and TMDb
• Open a movie, TV show, season or episode with TMDb, IMDb, Trakt and Rotten Tomatoes
• Share your content with friends
• Join the TMDb discussion and contribute with new content
• Backup your data to Trakt or import/export as file

Intuitive design
• Material Themes: Pearl White, Shadow Dark and Black Night
• Recognizable icons from your tracked movies and series
• Clean and efficient design

International focus
• Moviebase has strong multilingual content that is officially supported 39 languages and used in over 180 countries.


– Update languages
– Display correct release information
– Add to calendar
– Optimize Night Black Theme

★★★ MOD Prime ★★★
PRIME features Unlocked;
All ads and services calls from Activity removed;
Anonymous Crash reports disabled;
AOSP compatible;
Analytics disabled.

This app has no advertisements


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  • Moviebase v0.8.3 Prime Mod 0KramcMYOwPorobeTSlmggiJt9STmLpKbgbCjGUr1-7lcFFA0anihw6kpufTwTeTvpM=h310



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