Mosaic Art Lab v1.3.9 Pro

Mosaic Art Lab v1.3.9 Pro mosaic-art-lab-v1-3-8-pro-1

Mosaic Art Lab transforms pictures into mosaics. It is a simple but powerful tool to explore, create and play with your photos.

This mosaic photo app includes 16 exciting filters (30 with PRO version), each with dozens of parameter combinations.

The filters range from the straightforward grids of squares and circles to randomly dispersed circle tiles, to criss-cross patterns, collage, vignette like effects or retro 8-bit style computer graphics. Each filter comes with many options. Vary the shapes, borders, shadows, sizes until you get the best effect.

Those who like taking chances will enjoy random mode. Let the app select a random photo from your gallery and a random filter to render, lay back and watch the result! This is great even for the more goal oriented mindsets. Sometimes luck will take you to explore new directions.

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With Mosaic Art Lab, design high quality posters and cool wallpapers, make photos stand out and pursue your creative impulses!

A one time in-app purchase to unlock the PRO version and all its features.
– 14 extra filters
– saving in high resolution (up to 4096×4096 if memory allows)
– lossless PNG compression
– action bar icons for streamlined workflow
– fullscreen view


The app requests the appropriate permissions when saving or sharing.
Fixed a crash issue when sharing a result picture.

This app has no advertisements


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Download: PRO features unlocked


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