MIUI Launcher v1.0.6 Pro

MIUI Launcher v1.0.6 Pro miui-launcher-v1-05-pro

MIUI Launcher is a stylish, smart, slim & personalized home screen replacement App for your Android phone.

No App Drawer: All Apps will be added on the desktop, you can start them directly without the app drawer;
Themes: Support thousands of icon themes on the Play Store, support icon size customization and edit icon for every app;
Easy to use: Deleting apps and moving apps around is much easier;
Gestures:You can setup lots of gestures: swipe up, swipe donw and home button actions;
Personalization: Change desktop grid, infinite scrolling, show or hide search bar, customize folder preview, and lots of other options!

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MIUI Launcher is deeply convinced that your support has driven development.
You say awesome, we say thank you.

Bug Fixes

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  • MIUI Launcher v1.0.6 Pro ZAzp4oU-wZ8mujD-PmTgZboPIFgWEtjDR11agELSpWw6xnmKU0OipuyIT_S_FPZj4b4=h310

Download: Pro features unlocked | No License Needed


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