Mirror Lab v2.0.3beta1 Pro

Mirror Lab v2.0.3beta1 Pro mirror-lab-v2-0-2-pro-1

Choose from 50+ filters, each with multiple fine-tunable options.
★ classic symmetries: horizontal and vertical reflections
★ ripples, whirls, stretching and other distortions
★ kaleidoscopic and fractal effects
★ tiny planet effects
★ shape cut-outs, including concentric iterations
★ glitch art friendly filters such as stripes and broken glass effect
★ adjust your image’s brightness, contrast, saturation, vignetting and more
★ swipe through 20+ preset filters to browse through possibilities in an instant

All filters come with several parameters to adjust, allowing for a large range of varied results.
Effects can usually be simply placed by simple touch-drag for position and double-touch-drag for size.
Some of the most common parameters you will find:
★ intensity of effect
★ dampening of effect (the further from the center of the effect, the lesser the intensity)
★ rotation angle
★ aspect ratio

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Ease of use
Compose filters for endless creative options. The + button reapplies an effect immediately – some effects like to be stacked!
The app has a powerful undo system allowing you to track back at any time.
Please note that the top and bottom toolbars can scroll. There are a lot of effects to the right of the bottom bar!

PRO Version
Available as an in-app purchase, the PRO version comes with extra filters, extra parameters, higher resolutions and lossless file saving (PNG).


+ fixed rendering glitches on some devices (for Kaleidoscope in particular)
+ improved Glass Marble, Kaleidoscope Frame 1 and 2
+ added 1:2 and 2:1 aspect ratios

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  • Mirror Lab v2.0.3beta1 Pro xI-fBun8t1pV4XmUDWjDZOAlG_NyN3EM4YehlSAhbViVORqpOWClcVq9UHYJnHfQ3w=h310
  • Mirror Lab v2.0.3beta1 Pro C33NEaw2zX9AW5JosLp_-2aBt7xetPZKrp8_YxUKrJ2_kQZBZcnLDVW4m7NVbNmPkDoL=h310
  • Mirror Lab v2.0.3beta1 Pro CPgNv4GwSFIzjvbuniiPfBUtGwVpc0nHBjE4aLsfapeFRMqpdw9y0VT9Anxd5aPVlLg=h310
  • Mirror Lab v2.0.3beta1 Pro JuBiGlTe9T7gejqEE49IuuQ-TtmfAS7pUVDWq2xvTmnsYmjlqz1rOixztkmTvddpdA=h310
  • Mirror Lab v2.0.3beta1 Pro l-_z3bsgpuPi69Jm-ZXC7pqVeXQjF3Ah9mjmJ8WHLUtARz2NMSq1R-8WkGKBI52jVfA=h310
  • Mirror Lab v2.0.3beta1 Pro PRwDGvcI87VDy0i_jcBgkFFQQgQz_dTFprw1NQY8jX2oiSWLqMp6dUN87oDrr5mSskCS=h310
  • Mirror Lab v2.0.3beta1 Pro p7FSLJUCl7fvS8PdFzYct08p_F1E9EtKZFqXHx025nQSUaU3SezUY0-JA5OXGKKpvBs=h310
  • Mirror Lab v2.0.3beta1 Pro cxZJ1VskhVvSD2H5MHhi7DKy514-OBYk3DOkmfxQf56LNLY-UyLCdKF-CtDFIsNsfQ=h310
  • Mirror Lab v2.0.3beta1 Pro YDSU-MIv7z0f0ZUShdVQ_U51hdbjj1NiADVAmVAGoLab8ysVlagdUdPmAZLOWId4e9w=h310

Download: PRO features unlocked


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