Microsoft Outlook v2.2.216

Microsoft Outlook v2.2.216 microsoft-outlook-v2-2-197Microsoft Outlook v2.2.216 1533279912_324_microsoft-outlook-v2-2-197

Outlook is a free email app that helps you get more done from anywhere with one unified view of your email, calendar, contacts, and attachments. Outlook automatically surfaces your most important messages – across all your email accounts. Swipe to quickly delete, archive, or schedule messages you want to handle later. Easily view your calendar, share available times, and schedule meetings. And attach files from your email, OneDrive, or Dropbox with just a few taps.

Outlook works with Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, (including Hotmail, MSN), Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and iCloud.

Why use Outlook?

Manage your inbox
• Outlook automatically triages your inbox for you, surfacing your most important email. Less relevant email is placed in your “Other” inbox.
• Swipe to quickly delete, archive, or schedule messages.
• Schedule emails and they will return to your inbox at a later time.

Your calendar built-in
• Switching between your email and calendar apps is a thing of the past. Outlook includes your calendar and notifies you with appointment reminders.
• Find available meeting times and share them in email or schedule a meeting.

Attachments made easy
• View and attach any file from your email, OneDrive, Dropbox, and other accounts with just a few taps.
• Send large files even if you haven’t downloaded them to your phone.

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Find anything fast
• Filter your inbox to only show messages that are unread, flagged, or have attachments, with a single tap.
• Quickly find the right messages, people and files by typing just a few letters.
• Outlook shows people you communicate with most often, and lets you conveniently drill down to see all related emails, meetings and files.

Feedback or questions?

• We want your feedback to make Outlook better! Please share your comments within the app by going to Settings>Help>Contact Support. We read all feedback.
• See the answers to frequently asked questions by going to Settings>Help>FAQs.


Manage notifications with the new Do Not Disturb Outlook feature. Press the bell icon in the left navigation area to try it out!

All weekly updates also include performance improvements and improvements to improve Outlook.

This app has no advertisements


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  • Microsoft Outlook v2.2.216 JleVJRKBu4kUF9eRYXA8dr49o8T86f5o2kNIInmADJX-vktm2-PDgXxZoiL238xvJ2tA=h310
  • Microsoft Outlook v2.2.216 fDACB4Rif6UtQ5Gc-meTnCcthyiktCaplvFZcmGtNK21bdHMWDws6VsuimFqvRzpqA=h310



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