Microsoft Launcher v4.12.1.45052

Microsoft Launcher v4.12.1.45052 microsoft-launcher-v4-12-1-45052

The Microsoft Launcher application allows you to personalize your device using wallpapers, theme colors, icon packs and more. With a Microsoft account or work account, you can access the calendar, documents and recent activities in the personalized news feed. You can even open photos, documents and websites on a Windows computer to work efficiently on all devices.


Contacts at your fingertips. The most important people can be at your fingertips. Pin your contacts to the home screen and place them anywhere on your home screen, in the docking area, or in folders.
Choose a look. Personalize the look and feel of the device by customizing the wallpaper, theme colors and leading colors, icon packs, gestures, and more.
A personalized news channel. You can quickly display key information, such as news, calendar events, documents, contacts and more, in a personalized news channel. You can even set the feed as the default home screen.
Continue working on your computer. Take a photo on your phone and view it immediately on your computer, or continue editing the Office 365 document on your computer by connecting your phone to a Windows computer.
Search the Web and your phone in one place. The Microsoft Launcher’s universal search bar lets you search the Web, files, applications, documents, messages and Web results.
Customizing gestures. With advanced gesture customization features, you can lock the phone by pressing twice, start the search function by moving it up quickly and more.

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Installing this application means you accept and 248686]


What‘’s new for 4.12.1:
– minor release including crash and bug fixing for 4.12.0 release.

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  • Microsoft Launcher v4.12.1.45052 VBPje07la3ADnTR_NQjSILXN9ybGYVmUAkkOU6BObuFqePuxbmpyAGXm7x2efJKKY51J=h310
  • Microsoft Launcher v4.12.1.45052 SgD4lIcbbgR6Ko4-Yq5lGfoQ2X3S_V2tFJEMAO3MEOhtBWQAymOnQVtV0cbxwucjNdE=h310
  • Microsoft Launcher v4.12.1.45052 PZak8JXX2rnkU-nhjp_vz2YV-YVsHGGeWGivSCN6GcPUQ0xFMESsX9AFPIeij0CVoA=h310
  • Microsoft Launcher v4.12.1.45052 -fYpqlJFrBgg7VJJdPQFRmXcwPkHfXHOe8apVbTI_7vPI7Fo5Bq0h72Ju4eGHf6c1A=h310



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