Microphone & Camera Blocker v1.0.3 Premium

Microphone & Camera Blocker v1.0.3 Premium microphone-camera-blocker-v1-0-3-premium

Microphone & Camera Blocker is a free Android privacy protection app developed to increase users’ digital privacy by blocking external and internal communication ports breach attempts. The app is intended for personal use, to protect one’s smartphone from any unwanted intrusions.
Privacy enhancement applications can be complex and confusing, yet Microphone & Camera Blocker is simple and easy to use. Upon installation the application will prompt you for permissions to interact with the camera, microphone, as well as for administrator permissions. The microphone and camera permissions are necessary for the application to successfully block any intrusion attempt and prevent installed applications from using them. The administrator permissions are required as the app controls the smartphones integrated hardware accordingly (microphone and camera).
The user can access the app’s settings menu and selectively block either the microphone, the camera, or both at the same time. An aesthetic and user-friendly interface will indicate if the Microphone & Camera Blocker is active or not. If so chosen, the application will continue to be active even after system restart and/or reboot.
While the Microphone & Camera Blocker is on, when a user hits the camera button, he or she will get a message that the camera is disabled by a security policy. A similar message is received when a user tries to turn on the voice recorder. However, ordinary phone call conversations will not be affected.

Microphone & Camera Blocker Features

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Spyware is the most commonly distributed mobile-devices malware. Advertising companies, hackers and other entities can access the microphone and listen to every word said, as well as hack into the camera and watch you up close and personal.
Microphone Blocker – Blocks access to the devices audio port from both internal and external attempts.
Camera Blocker – Blocks external access to the visual port and keeps the users privacy intact.

*This app uses the Device Administrator permission. The application is free of charge, and therefore contains ads to support its development and maintenance efforts.
*For any further information please feel free to contact us through online form here.

Bug fixed

This app has no advertisements


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