Master v2.0.2 (Paid)

Master v2.0.2 (Paid) master-v2-0-2-paid

Stand-alone action martial arts Mobile Games!
Download,and you will get a set of god class equipment!

Flagship team of the Magicbirds make painstaking efforts to create the game,which will bring you to the Tianjin where the martial art masters like a hundred flowers in bloom and military forces infighting. When the situation is turbulent,hit a world with your fists!

The winner of the best action movie award of the 52nd Taiwan Golden Horse Award,and the best screenwriter of Hong Kong Film Awards——Xu Haofeng directed the film The Master ,which best actor winner of Berlin International Film Festival Liao Fan, best actor winner of Golden Rooster Hundred Flowers Film Festival Song Jia,and best actress Jiang Wenli stared.Using the same IP, our mobile game is shocking the market!

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Fixed known bug
Optimized AI algorithm
Optimized skill release algorithm
Optimized UI display

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  • Master v2.0.2 (Paid) Z6gWZ89uJfqvmgpBH77CkJK3QHhc6IuT3hGvX7W-_U9V0LVU7iP-3S2xN1Zk-l2Xf-0=h310
  • Master v2.0.2 (Paid) 1DJtCJAF24FLlcH10uIajnjPcYqEAXcNw1yo1s3YPeL0E6Pd8Ppg1qDjANxSvoFxFznl=h310
  • Master v2.0.2 (Paid) YQFGLjn0XxuyEHxA8i1XL8orTI8HAfX1nNnkOdA3kePlCDR35FCqHe1VOdv0P8APHJE=h310
  • Master v2.0.2 (Paid) aRJGS-B78uyylFwx6LgLEzH5g-rNMH4IclbI7qkajLWFPc-w0NSqDYj0O4rM5fNfhMVj=h310



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