Lunch Rush HD (Full) v2018.4.158

Lunch Rush HD (Full) v2018.4.158 lunch-rush-hd-full-v2018-4-158

Snowy the Bear opens his own eatery and offers fast-paced yet simple fun. Seat hungry customers, take orders, serve food, collect cash and clear tables. Match colors, chain actions and keep your customers happy to earn big tips! Deal with VIPs and don’t miss impatient drivers.

Earn money to keep the restaurant open and upgrade to better and bigger locations.

And if you’re not enough with 60 rush days of the Restoration Contest story, okay, try to survive in NON-STOP mode!

Game features:
– The only restaurant where the bears serve hungry customers!
– Fast-paced and simple gameplay
– 60 challenging levels of Story Mode and
– Nonstop Mode with awesome upgrades!
– Different customers with their own temper
– Achievements and Leaderboards at Game Center
– HD graphics for Retina display

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– Bug fixes and performance improvements

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  • Lunch Rush HD (Full) v2018.4.158 NW-dHNoQs4I4oB5b9wwhxGcNdcDDRy6nXPMy0jDvRC0h9B0mlV0Gro1t-0BRyfg7Lw=h310
  • Lunch Rush HD (Full) v2018.4.158 uay0gxV5_3i8cP9xwXoH42p_0ONdfxomlwGg4YNa8mDLsxrDo48CUSzbnGEnK6k8bXo=h310
  • Lunch Rush HD (Full) v2018.4.158 H1rB06mQn_-gSQTMlv5RY4oNTS3-tmeegAtdagsSPtGwu4BXg4FoSPlTo8NEXWRSSR8=h310
  • Lunch Rush HD (Full) v2018.4.158 6dHPwC4cXLEPBz9kRUalKH9rXtq1CLijt7Pk5zNkm2-2JRYZ3UOiBmHcmxSlcbUcor4=h310
  • Lunch Rush HD (Full) v2018.4.158 zohokoCbc1aqg6jAX9CQH858VzGJQ6c6i7s57qpEVkpDWZotBFDthK42oktT1EIhxvY=h310
  • Lunch Rush HD (Full) v2018.4.158 09xC85N54OgH7R8pMTPoH2DvQLIw7bBhYWFZcqtOJcPcg7GxTQJXmDffOhlDIrreQ0I=h310
  • Lunch Rush HD (Full) v2018.4.158 uHEjYnzFJUUuirlt4HnOHHuyUD6txqxF0PlvF0KM_YUfp7EY4ISpfbckD9HQ-1dVV0o=h310
  • Lunch Rush HD (Full) v2018.4.158 u6x5PBRSAI7uQA7zDGV47klTz3VZkkh_Cx7lJ789-Fxr8eVMScTF_DZuPU3_ExXtZeur=h310
  • Lunch Rush HD (Full) v2018.4.158 daQw0L6luR4wRZyV55y_3RxyJjRbe0N2aVKQAqgWhx6jfCnJqc4YVIqj9q3oHpuf6CFU=h310
  • Lunch Rush HD (Full) v2018.4.158 D-UUtgJlRt7Hu2_-zqJ9HHZGRHooabOzKa9TahWueb4rbABdybep4jaTvOMujwVZHsA=h310
  • Lunch Rush HD (Full) v2018.4.158 p2KgSbpaAv9r0xU5HPIoUwF-WiJSGnxt0gVZwt-k6dwpEHMNXngA-R1DEj5y1IfTvQ=h310
  • Lunch Rush HD (Full) v2018.4.158 I7YhroBpy6aQOl9ptEm-XJpwxqgPgVz5q8oVcxDiVqDgA8hWSZx5ubTExI9d6eWv_orr=h310
  • Lunch Rush HD (Full) v2018.4.158 4ejb7-q-5TMXEYEF6RvEUEf6HJLebW-9e7nV3X_ecdIAjXFGskrLBe4FNxuicpRIVg=h310
  • Lunch Rush HD (Full) v2018.4.158 Tcj588Vpr9YuLpgFN0sMVTgqUZ87PK6Zo_CWsSlU7BLTG97e3XjN4mGOpnxImF_z5Q=h310
  • Lunch Rush HD (Full) v2018.4.158 kBIkiJlaop5acTpQLQ1GjHD1cP5r0a8Aae2tGoytefJxJu__GYMs-jdU2JPIa4i2acE=h310



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