Lunar Calendar PRO v2.3 Paid

Lunar Calendar PRO v2.3 Paid lunar-calendar-pro-v2-3-paid

For Ukraine set up minimum price 1$
Are you interested in the influence of the moon on man?
Do you want to know what day of the Moon it is now?
Do you want to live a more harmonious life?
Do you want to have a simple and intuitive calendar close at hand?
Then this app will help you!

App shows properties of any day:
* Health recommendations (e.g what food to avoid)
* Relationship recommendations
* General and business recommendations
* Recommendations for planting
* Recommendations for yogis
* Water treatment and cleaning
* Of course it shows day of moon
* Of course it shows moon face
* Of course it shows current zodiac sign
* All info above is shown in both textual and graphic form
* The app supports all Android devices with any screen sizes
* Available in English, Deutsch and Russian
* The PRO version has a dream-book on lunar days and aromatherapy
* The PRO version has the ability to go to a random day.
* The PRO version has improved navigation – guaranteed by the lack of advertising.

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It has touch actions – you can select days or actions.

Recent changes:
Add 2018 year data

Whats New:

update layout, month calendar

This app has no advertisements


  • Lunar Calendar PRO v2.3 Paid by7HMb_YSE-Up3Rh5mkuWWXC5J6xjgiu07tWx_CF_2LO_XYxh4-LBDNi562ww2YSKKc=h310
  • Lunar Calendar PRO v2.3 Paid EDAnrM60uKs7FviduBVHELbJPcLBHfRkZB9Y20Hw7A1KTetqZXiHGTKzJFhX6Vdt7i6r=h310
  • Lunar Calendar PRO v2.3 Paid jqKaEFGgnqbS6WulfA-qW_jg4T4AQg-bQctS89SWusIuRIv5QsGCkOwxztJhiTq8gA=h310
  • Lunar Calendar PRO v2.3 Paid ilkFYXsvJZXjb0NJVEY3u8G6gvY-eNNAeMrpA5ru67JBwhLjQp4HPHLFtNjoX4bLZq8=h310
  • Lunar Calendar PRO v2.3 Paid 8-eRAC5dCelO3x-uoO_BhpZgEriT-C7jZ6Ir27_2hXzzuPBnZnbJj6w53ws9XcpDcg=h310
  • Lunar Calendar PRO v2.3 Paid seXlb7pwChNyu6jBlzWaRpa1GCeMDAaEuoBs2QJEUcrdt9SVN3LU9DwEAVNiRRatDdI=h310
  • Lunar Calendar PRO v2.3 Paid SFyNbNT-xElrm9xhEB3YGbjbDxPU08einaXYqiIdxMm3X8I4rG2SUhRE1cOAztWR2BY=h310
  • Lunar Calendar PRO v2.3 Paid 7vgdae7N43RCmqcuD5RAluPggWQHA_6JHy4ROshDWrHFwqzlm7MT_8FK4Pz3pV7WKE0=h310
  • Lunar Calendar PRO v2.3 Paid jtEGLZkxwgQKLuvDObZvJw4SFSSezuc4Uwd6NTA58IBZt0N7taYoTJD8qUryQQ1fYhs=h310
  • Lunar Calendar PRO v2.3 Paid x_bgf2qC7jlEfz7aQnJuVt-Y_llMLGwkg1Ngj0QAtSpXXeEglIb3foRH1uosYy5m_8s=h310
  • Lunar Calendar PRO v2.3 Paid NO2qDyuuQh_M7a_tMG5d0zytnUQLgxgr8t56BQtekAqLhqzCQhoDcNp3CIYqcKnFyUk=h310
  • Lunar Calendar PRO v2.3 Paid g8giYTOO_O9adAmNJ-TollsFldnT9ppcJas_FqJsrEnW-XTQicb-VY9r1eWPzjLw62s=h310



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