Lumosity v2018.05.11.1910223 Lifetime Subscription

Lumosity v2018.05.11.1910223 Lifetime Subscription lumosity-v2018-02-03-10205-lifetime-subscription-1

The 2016 Lumosity Summer Games begin August 8! Play as many Lumosity games as you can to help your country win a medal — and a prize.
Challenge your Memory, Attention, and more. Used by over 70 million people worldwide, Lumosity combines 25+ cognitive games into a daily training program that challenges your brain. Games adapt to your unique performances — helping you stay challenged in a wide variety of cognitive tasks.


We’re a team of scientists and designers exploring new ways to challenge the brain and push cognitive research forward.

Our scientists take common cognitive and neuropsychological tasks, or design entirely new, experimental challenges. Working with experienced designers, they transform these tasks into fun games that challenge core cognitive skills.

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We also work with 40+ university researchers worldwide. We give qualified researchers free access to Lumosity training and tools — helping them investigate new areas in cognition.

As we learn more about the possibilities of brain training, we invite you to train with us, and join us in our mission to advance the understanding of human cognition.


Hey Premium members: Explore a beginner-friendly introduction to Mindfulness with our newest course, Discovering Mindfulness.

Devices with Android 4.3 or older will not support this update or future versions of the Lumosity app.

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