Libra – Weight Manager v3.3.9 Pro

Libra – Weight Manager v3.3.9 [Pro]
Requirements: 4.0+
Description: Libra tracks your weight using a trend line as suggested by the Hacker’s Diet.

Libra – Weight Manager v3.3.9 Pro libra-weight-manager-v3-3-9-proLibra – Weight Manager v3.3.9 Pro 1537088920_960_libra-weight-manager-v3-3-9-pro

Libra tracks your daily weight changes and displays them in a beautiful interactive chart
– Simple data entry
– Scrollable, zoomable chart
– Weight goal
– Time-to-goal estimate
– Daily KCal estimate
– Visualisation of your diet plan in the chart
– Statistics
– Import/Export to Excel (.csv)
– Synchronization with Withings (download only)
– Withings real-time push notifications
– Widget

Libra asks for the following permissions:
– Internet: Withings sync and showing ads
– Access network state: Required by the ads library
– Write external storage: Importing and exporting the database
– Receive boot completed: To reset the daily reminder on reboot
– Get accounts: Receive push notifications from the Withings service
– C2DM receive: Also required for push notifications
– Wake lock: Handling of received notifications

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* Fixed a crash on older Android versions.

– Fixed database import and export.
– Automatic backups should work again – please accept the storage permission request.
– Withings sync and notifications working again – please login again.

This app has no advertisements


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  • Libra – Weight Manager v3.3.9 Pro jjfdOgiqVyBMvm8jMGd4vbcahHLIsDQXqUMC-sXz4iFxR_sZGRiJ3cQkUxgnrGpk4Q=h310
  • Libra – Weight Manager v3.3.9 Pro jd2cXHIaMdcfiZPfw3wSRZpXDHleg13WfTn64vpZO-ghMgS0m9P3Zf4pFl5F6dPY0B0=h310
  • Libra – Weight Manager v3.3.9 Pro 9kwknD9gjdWd7Fpdw6fpbospgpR-UNBlo13PHfbI5-TFCSI7zq8ToTMFR_CEwBJ79g=h310
  • Libra – Weight Manager v3.3.9 Pro dDU6rX_O2cOxWbPObfLoWwVbpNA6bCf65v3EQR8OJiatIhX5DYT1BYCrF0evxExrFsr4=h310
  • Libra – Weight Manager v3.3.9 Pro uTqgqxqJ7ijLT_qEo5FV8cinRm6z1jckh9GdCWyQVbTlt3bgYfuJ-DYJrVLngzcyMQ=h310
  • Libra – Weight Manager v3.3.9 Pro wYBoDOchQkFnCY_NNxGaTyvalNkCCm83DuL8MYwm6c2O0P6qVqn6EEyXxMvYkldfwA=h310

Download: PRO features Unlocked


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