Lep’s World Plus v3.0.7

Lep’s World Plus v3.0.7 leps-world-plus-v3-0-7

Be nimble… be quick… and help Lep find his gold. It’s hidden in a range of awesomely well-designed levels, and he’s determined to find it all!

Lep’s World features:
+ 120 well-designed levels
+ Fabulous animations and in-game graphics
+ 6 different world themes
+ 9 challenging enemies
+ Many items, including jumping shoes, an hourglass and more
+ Game Services with tricky achievements and awesome leaderboards
+ Multiplayer capability
+ 5.000 extra Coins

Lep the leprechaun has lost his gold, so to find it he needs you to help him run and jump through the fantastical realms of Lep’s World. Be careful, though. This place is full of beastly monsters, and they’ll do everything they can to stop little Lep. If you collect a cloverleaf, Lep’s health grows. Ah, but health alone won’t keep Lep out of trouble. Even an angry bee could sting him! Use your smooth, easy moves to guide Lep on his adventure. It’s “forty shades o’ fun”!

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  • Lep’s World Plus v3.0.7 lgFR_drQoropPKiCSCxr5XFijky_lPf5xYlBrk1vshsMjplsKp3B8FBjGu_ZIHEy=h310
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  • Lep’s World Plus v3.0.7 s7yS84Z1mSJ0fCCzTz8z7eOxQkTD59kT7nXQ9nVNQqwm5yQH3at6k3IGa2ZjMtHnW1g=h310
  • Lep’s World Plus v3.0.7 Xbg_40fUFJkTO2WHATOS2_eEzTXfwDtoEqE89Q65i9Yt9VEmokeXpAg7_L0xDoQjX80=h310
  • Lep’s World Plus v3.0.7 g_Cl2Dv8obbIg9siyasZE_kB-D7BfZg_t57v7vFpo7gqSbPrMZ1MrV1g_lh5D_XSQa8=h310
  • Lep’s World Plus v3.0.7 hZ4awv7vFsOEzguo8xnEI2d2rFQaSNzVGu1Rq_rPWZV6hd1EnPeWzOHxTY1oAaRVZDrR=h310
  • Lep’s World Plus v3.0.7 UePUFRasdFDEvKA7HmndpGADSHH1uqeVqaFQFwonQ_n6OT2ufUfgu_iCL-4tKQzsjQ=h310
  • Lep’s World Plus v3.0.7 Dzv1urUObvE-YQdNNMQbck4Sck-CpmHT9NSACgqxB0Yrqlun6ZAiksUWZIl6tKazTlY=h310
  • Lep’s World Plus v3.0.7 jFY2LykXK9jgn-RquQlBp8fLOf_Ghiy0zGRPnoq3paBNYegVW-2owOsoRea-UlYLnII=h310
  • Lep’s World Plus v3.0.7 aECMih2VpQBL7PFoO8YvXkFDMBd9posFFIbXWUzfYO4V1Nan20-1uOuS31rp6mPxEQ=h310
  • Lep’s World Plus v3.0.7 8PnegGiJTUYtQ_BfeSGJHCAcrd8rxRXlkhbQTK8N9JatiiuzrJ-rhdQwJFnICyPmw8M=h310
  • Lep’s World Plus v3.0.7 IgUJeb9uw5J5iu4Zzu00nyx7M1_RQv80c6gaB5cJkBWF1lW3pvtdcgtb_lZizQYNYeSp=h310
  • Lep’s World Plus v3.0.7 UyLwSLfZkuXbE2gp6Sqq1n-lhKC8ZKMrfuz-p8mP-t8zrdO0M13fU8KEZoHPtg6jeDI=h310
  • Lep’s World Plus v3.0.7 zg5a2xC6I69pP3p7_QyzPQEBRafBXZdNPt4kNC3KyykMQVOlzh8sG_oulu0MzkHuLKiA=h310
  • Lep’s World Plus v3.0.7 hHdmFfaXtYJoz9AFuxoJ9vyd8jJKZ6L4KsRUt30lk_t3ERPC17vL4VOL0KRwgyN5Evk=h310



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