Lai – Icon Pack v5.4.2 Patched

Lai – Icon Pack v5.4.2 Patched lai-icon-pack-v5-3-3-patched

• Currently no icon mask. Poll on my Google+ coming soon.
• 25 wallpapers
• Help section
• 1–3 updates per month
• Material Design dashboard

NOTE: Google Now Launcher DOES NOT support icon packs!
This icon pack supports a wide variety of launchers, both OEM and custom. List of launchers that are going to fully work: Action, Nova, ADW, Apex, Atom, Aviate, CM theme engine, Everything.ME, GO, Inspire, KK, Lucid, Next, Lucid, Nine, Smart, Solo, Themer, TSF, Unicon.

Liked this icon pack? All donations are appreciated and they give me work boost Also, you can skip the line waiting for your requested icons.

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Version 5.4.2 | Date 9/7/2018

• Changed wallpaper file hosting

This app has no advertisements


  • Lai – Icon Pack v5.4.2 Patched qncaG_uKlmJmnGiB55ScG3JMk5e4PvTVRD9dzfGEegfWPSf368J7TwR84AwQOLdRlAo=h310
  • Lai – Icon Pack v5.4.2 Patched Nm8wcrq8IcYKJvMkCV13EDJfnuL7_PT3ONzzKGGRoIp7n_FdmXg0cKj5ixxMf44kl2Y=h310
  • Lai – Icon Pack v5.4.2 Patched WFI6EtIkH5YBUFMTptiRf01_aTElMLcrzbMdH_7qWXo95g9mn0CurN50-GdB1fWJNzAj=h310
  • Lai – Icon Pack v5.4.2 Patched AXe0cq2oovF_tQyzkKor3k0tRKoFvllr4KILuR0YpbqGX_dCWubSLwGFBpw-BiUOCute=h310
  • Lai – Icon Pack v5.4.2 Patched Cjbs_HX3kvGND-oYmqTEgkA73a6L9xq-h3e0WsLz3D7kARAoqg1U5R4GSOGgXci2a6Q=h310
  • Lai – Icon Pack v5.4.2 Patched gKO-BpxZE_0-l8jtc-06NFUeqtHREFBx2-LgCaw8ZQOVgd6OOcivkLdxLR1EmwQABnY=h310
  • Lai – Icon Pack v5.4.2 Patched g4KrqMuo_hmrj6OdLJonYWAAAlzkVyFh25nWD2IHHShWWPfSrMuaiayjCloOK3T5-g=h310
  • Lai – Icon Pack v5.4.2 Patched cQz6gmfaWmft2n7x_8DHADfMRVCjVW8Fi-4gQlWlm4bCN891P5l36dW6F39B_15DtQ=h310
  • Lai – Icon Pack v5.4.2 Patched al97dbmlNvYuuOE1MujKSsdYanC6DhYPns7rkYet-rjUDm9JYqgPYPLeHTZ1BbAltE0=h310
  • Lai – Icon Pack v5.4.2 Patched 8nMnYIUn1GfXexMlc1o3xwl_rbUXbr9NWpPMKybJi44DyhQ-SstoKz7ok31WSYzlQB0=h310



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