Krazy Kings! v1.0.1 (Paid)

Krazy Kings! v1.0.1 (Paid) krazy-kings-v1-0-1-paid

Perfect for cramped spaces like road trips or airplanes or when you just want an impromptu card game but don’t have any cards with you.

Inspired by the tabletop card game Five Crowns.


Official 1.0 release!
Added tutorial.
Visual overhaul of the ui.
Minor tweeks and fixes.
Android has a case-sensitive file system.

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  • Krazy Kings! v1.0.1 (Paid) SFDwmevlVgPQs9mNHcV2VuJsXCuJ-Kj_ka6HdZDpH7EKTJonFbNVtSomTw30nxqC9peb=h310
  • Krazy Kings! v1.0.1 (Paid) KEDyY7vXOwr-VrEkQIExQUVkRREGNtf-xzm5InCd4YzYW5i2WuDUz2uvJAuU5AHyWYDX=h310
  • Krazy Kings! v1.0.1 (Paid) 6N7d6YTuYdYCbE7zqOm7STpVjYMBv86pVvKfFG_fHuw3dOcqz51hcTvkc8wqWhztvLQ=h310
  • Krazy Kings! v1.0.1 (Paid) yQAlYpYNxeADpR7--32OFZGSzsZ_Zew1P0xR70BsPB6vXf8LDx8syBhfTk1ZRu_Rdczz=h310
  • Krazy Kings! v1.0.1 (Paid) qBSnXXRF_tHrfQeat3uGX8Ah_MpkVCKyNeSu2ha4Au-xVQaT7TpfLXIh6XVfemCiV7k=h310



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