KokoTime v2.2.11 Pro

KokoTime v2.2.11 Pro kokotime-v2-2-9-pro-2

Kokotime is a simple, free and elegantly designed media-center that will let you watch all your favorite media content in a unique and elegant user friendly design. Equipped with unique features like Universal Cast and video player side drawer Kokotime will give you a unique media experience. Kokotime also has a Chromecast remote so you can cast your content to your Chromecast in app.
You can also browse your files using the in app file manager and Kokotime will also index and organize your local media. In addition Kokotime has an M3u parser so users can add their M3u playlists and play them using the built in player which supports zapping between playlist content (Double click to zap).

Kokotime also supports add-ons to load media libraries or load media from your local server or a public media service and display them in a unique layout while also displaying extra information in a beautiful design, a documentation on add-on creation is available on our website for developers who want to contribute.

The app is still in development and more content is added each update. If you have any requests for features you would like to be added on future updates feel free to contact us.

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Some features :
-Auto subtitles in over 187 languages
-Simple and elegant video player with gesture controls
-in app addon store to install addons made available by the community
-native in app chromecast support with easy access to streamable content
-Universal cast, stream videos from your device to ANY other device that has a browser.
-user friendly layouts
-continue watching section, always continue exactly where you left off
-And much more !

v2.2.11 11/08/2018
+Added a few sliding animations when refreshing main menu
+A few bugs fixed on chromecast/universal cast remote
+Long clicking on a channel will now add it to a “My Favorites” group so users can build their own channel groups
+A few bugs fixed on universal cast
+A few bugs fixed on subtitle syncing
+Fixed auto subtitles sometimes not loading even when subtitles are available
+Optimized video playing for lower power consumption on mobile devices

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  • KokoTime v2.2.11 Pro 443f4c81-99cd-4707-ae9a-3e37505f2ba5
  • KokoTime v2.2.11 Pro 4f22ca39-bbcd-409c-b8c6-60d652d16c29
  • KokoTime v2.2.11 Pro dd670150-ed54-4494-bed0-d9c051e8120c
  • KokoTime v2.2.11 Pro 0ed247bf-4de7-4b08-9d73-26da2bdb2847
  • KokoTime v2.2.11 Pro 7b5ef032-d9f2-43c4-a658-6f03016366c4
  • KokoTime v2.2.11 Pro f551af93-d1fe-4014-949f-53147911891e
  • KokoTime v2.2.11 Pro df15b8f0-a0e4-4346-adec-cbf397bf9607
  • KokoTime v2.2.11 Pro 635c7025-6f23-4abe-b941-c1b88f674b29

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