Jorte Calendar & Organizer v1.9.16 Pemium

Jorte Calendar & Organizer v1.9.16 Pemium jorte-calendar-organizer-v1-9-14

With over 27 million downloads Jorte is one of the most popular calendar&organizer applications.
We have spent all of our time and effort into making the application look as close to a real personal organizer as possible. Enjoy this highly customizable app, you cannot find an application which has as many features as Jorte.
Jorte has been recommended by many tech blogs and newspapers as one of the best Calendar apps for smartphones.

The Next Web: “Seriously, if you’re into customizing the look of your calendar, colors, backgrounds, themese or the size of your widgets, then take a look at Jorte.”
MakeUseOf: “Jorte goes beyond what other calendar apps are capable of.”
NYTimes Tech highlighted Jorte as an alternative to Google Calendar.
App Judgement: Robust Calendar, Events and Task Manager. Totally customizable to suit your needs.

For personal use or for business Jorte will assist you to manage your daily schedule thoroughly.
NEW! Jorte now Sync with Evernote – Show the notes on the calendar view.
o Side Menu – Inside the Side Menu you can decide what to show like Today’s Events, diary, tasks.
o Love typography? Choose your preferred font, even use your own fonts! Supports compatibility with most otf and ttf fonts.
o Countdown Feature – See how many days are left for an event on the calendar.
o Now supporting a diary feature. We have also added a function to include photos in the events (diary).
o Jorte Cloud: multi-device syncing and backup.
o Display Lunar Calendar – Great for Chinese users & users from other Asian countries.
o Various widgets are available to set on your Home Screen.
o Monthly, Daily, and Weekly views are available.
o Important appointments are shown in red.
o See completed appointments or choose to hide them.
o Adjust the first day of the week.
o Import and Export Jorte Calendar data to CSV format.
o It can sync with Google Calendar and Jorte Cloud on the PC.
* It can also synchronize your events in Yahoo! Calendar, Microsoft® Exchange ActiveSync, Instagram, and more by using Jorte Sync (Free).

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Jorte Premium members now have access to a buffet of Icons and Themes! Other Premium features include: passcode lock, save photos that you add to your Diary in the cloud, the ability to hide ads on the side menu, and more.

* Please check here for the latest information:

= Event Calendars =
With this feature, you can add many calendars containing events related to your interests like the weather forecast, news, sports, comics, food & recipes, video game news, movie reviews & TV news, and much more.

– Some examples
o Weather Forecast (Conveniently view the weather from locations all over the globe) / News / Food Recipes.
o Professional Sports
* There are many more event calendars available as well.

= Jorte Cloud (Free) =
Sync Jorte Calendar, entries, and Tasks to Jorte Cloud. * (It can also be used from your smartphone )
You can access Jorte Cloud from home, office, and anywhere else from a PC, smartphone or tablet with internet access. It even works as a backup of your schedules and task lists.

Sign-up to get a free Jorte Cloud Account and start taking advantage of the cloud experience!

= Jorte Store =
You can purchase icons, Themes, and backgrounds images to use in Jorte Calendar. Download contents that are free or paid and start customizing your calendar!
Daily calendars are also available, with this function a new image will be updated daily for the current day.

* There are many more Icons & Themes available from the Jorte Store.


– Improved app compatibility with Android 8 and Android P.
– Other bug fixes.

This app has no advertisements


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  • Jorte Calendar & Organizer v1.9.16 Pemium VYrzPaAdvdrLeHpPD7pI4pJNI8ZQpEP_yVpEvY09fT738DyllepTE169pE0g7RxZHmo=h310
  • Jorte Calendar & Organizer v1.9.16 Pemium XAIEdBYgJwIMh-Waal4VPpDcXPhpWbsUIE3CKMdpkTsdSjzOPNSk7Qe56Xs1bp0EKkM=h310
  • Jorte Calendar & Organizer v1.9.16 Pemium Z6fLY_Y9C9HLA3u5nJYhaO5_-7kcBW-M1y89jz_FJ4x6EUvjUbvwYhLURXuL6Z8AYZA=h310
  • Jorte Calendar & Organizer v1.9.16 Pemium PAKKBooxWeSUvquwFuh5xue4jzMl4reruM_Z__jMe4RKV1pJn8519XOmsV7Whc9L-g=h310
  • Jorte Calendar & Organizer v1.9.16 Pemium KvjWxpZC1xhKFQOmsYaX-BOae_cyN_w2PBgA-Z7lPCYItxzzUl-oH-jBAPWroRO2PfOK=h310
  • Jorte Calendar & Organizer v1.9.16 Pemium QLMDXq9Pu-GdfqkNKqG0E90GEWD_TqmtQd4NF27TafL9-ODgRZ745BjdecdqNF98U38N=h310
  • Jorte Calendar & Organizer v1.9.16 Pemium Sx0kRsorF_QRa_LMuw-twvvpi1BZlOlWRZTCF4ilxIVdaRfMkyolYPMShFt-1G3t57w=h310
  • Jorte Calendar & Organizer v1.9.16 Pemium 6vtZ5R9gPyA1x4IPP3l_yZJhccvekdD_Bzr9E3SPVfGRyiwV-GZJKu1cbiYBE7HmcPM=h310
  • Jorte Calendar & Organizer v1.9.16 Pemium zln7aR8sgjzKUNtykOA7eQeoTiSbk5gLGVNJXkg4yCejgkMMBRYtzHG-OFu5XcJKm7Fp=h310

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