iUX 12 – icon pack v1.05 Patched

iUX 12 – icon pack v1.05 Patched iux-12-icon-pack-v1-05-patched

Download and install Nova Launcher and make sure you are a Beta.user.
Now make the following changes to the Nova Launcher settings:

Desktop Grid -> 7×5
Icon Layout -> Icon Size -> 110%
Field Width -> Medium
Search bar -> Style -> First with rounded corners
Search bar -> Color -> White with 10% transparency
Search bar -> Logo -> Color G with a voice search icon

Application Menu
Application menu grid -> 5×5
Icon Layout -> Icon Size -> 110%
Frequently used applications -> Yes
Application menu style -> Vertical
Background -> Off
Open with -> On
Opening indicator -> On
All other default options

Favorites panel
Icon Layout -> Icon Size -> 110%
Icon Layout -> Shortcut -> Off
Width and height Padding -> Medium

If you have any ideas or suggestions, for example you do not like an icon, and you have an idea how to make it better. Contact us at

• Icon resolution of 192x192px (HD)
• Cloudy wallpapers
• Application in material style
• Support for dynamic calendars
• Supports MUZEI

Icon Pack supports launchers:
• Action Launcher
• ADW Launcher
• Apex Launcher
• Atom Launcher
• Aviate Launcher
• CM Theme Engine (not supported in some versions)
• GO Launcher
• Holo Launcher
• Holo Launcher HD
• LG Home (not supported in some versions)
• Lucid Launcher
• M Launcher
• Mini Launcher
• Next Launcher
• Nougat Launcher
• Nova Launcher
• Smart Launcher
• Solo Launcher
• V Launcher
• ZenUI Launcher
• Zero Launcher
• ABC Launcher
• Evie Launcher

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Icon Pack can be applied from the settings:
• Arrow Launcher
• ASAP Launcher
• Cobo Launcher
• Line Launcher
• Mesh Launcher
• Peek Launcher
• Z Launcher
• Launch by Quixey Launcher
• Top Launcher
• KK Launcher
• MN Launcher
• New Launcher
• S Launcher
• Open Launcher
• Flick Launcher

Please note: – This is a set of icons and for it to work it requires a special launcher for Android. For example, apex, nova, etc. It will not work with Google Now Launcher, Pixel Launcher or most launchers supplied by your phone OEM. Before you leave feedback that it does not work, please install one of the compatible launchers and try to apply them.

How do I apply icons?
Very simply, install Nova Launcher and iOS 12 – Icon Pack. Open iOS 12 – Icon Pack and click Apply!

Why choose iOS 12 – Icon Pack?
• iOS 12 – Icon Pack contains the largest number of icons in the style of iOS 12.
• iOS 12 – Icon Pack is free.
• iOS 12 – Icon Pack is updated regularly.

Are you having problems with Icon Pack?
Do not hesitate, write to us at

Thanks for the translation of the description: Prathamesh Labhade


* Added new icons

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  • iUX 12 – icon pack v1.05 Patched VZ61fHcAFu_Jzl3q-URpRtl9NPv3vWGXp7zhB2JBwALia2A0wRB6eFlwShhPe9cYU58=h310
  • iUX 12 – icon pack v1.05 Patched d2JWquBzhV2LiARaFLnYpj1jSK9jsPUTvbJvpG94U4_MK9GHkkPwUYo5kwYRkc2SOVHM=h310
  • iUX 12 – icon pack v1.05 Patched 04rZmSzjp3tZz8ayVk-Ee-sqxWmKx0-POFMruhFqCvUsszXUkwAxVUqKMU4mWS3Gd84=h310
  • iUX 12 – icon pack v1.05 Patched zButyi_Np6soQRYOWy-UtQdwvBCPkR_9ljwnhtKscGM58fKIoaQWjFEdaQ-Wr8tMMoQ=h310
  • iUX 12 – icon pack v1.05 Patched 7L-zOkxVW8H7TqCJ3nhk9rMRGjkp0SjDaTNXiX5Yy4WBI787qJYYe0WgO_f0jeu6uw=h310



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