Into the Realm v1.138 (Paid)

Into the Realm v1.138 (Paid) into-the-realm-turn-based-rpg-v1-135-paid-1

Engage in tactical turn based combat using melee weapons, bows and offensive or defensive magic!

No waiting timers! No in-app purchases! No adds! No internet connection needed! Just a traditional Role Playing Game aimed at your enjoyment!

Please report any issues to before giving a bad review! I am more than happy to help resolve any issues you encounter.


Fixed selection issues for larger enemies.

Fixed scrolls appearing too small on HD or higher devices.

Email for any issues. I am more than happy to resolve them!

This app has no advertisements


  • Into the Realm v1.138 (Paid) YRnE4981sq4vmspZ16vyxM-mXcqCY7VYzBcdLtTs0h6FO9QIjZaFbLhcB_pokLzXCZri=h310
  • Into the Realm v1.138 (Paid) y2tCi6Mv1koXbmUWnq5HT6zARsQq3IlSXhNjycl_1DCpv_A1dmug4slw5Q7prXPqmySD=h310
  • Into the Realm v1.138 (Paid) lwBumJVfBqOd2UT6gNHh5xSfQrk73Fn-dkjq5eG4T6ONWa1Mk9V9PvKtih1Y7QQ9WtI=h310
  • Into the Realm v1.138 (Paid) z4qvYmY15EQUaEoqXozxPaU6pKlchiAJw3CsqXIfMtOtduMicCdcLNzPLOWHAlqEidbf=h310
  • Into the Realm v1.138 (Paid) 0VDNt5_8C4ad7F3FUshbKnGuYYn81Jx7y1TG37U3yRHRpIa2U8RkOASqs0NN2eLu4rs=h310





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