Ink Over Apps v1.2.1

Ink Over Apps v1.2.1 ink-over-apps-v1-2-1

Now with S-Pen support for the Galaxy Note, Note II and any S-Pen compatible device!

android.permission.SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW :
This lets the app actually create floating windows. The app will not abuse this to spam the device. The app will only use this to create the floating windows necessary.
android.permission.EXPAND_STATUS_BAR :
Used when a button is clicked in the notification to close the status bar.
Both of these are used for Per app drawing. Writing to external storage happens when the app saves your drawing to disk for later use.
Get tasks happens when you start to paint and the app checks for what app is running underneath so it knows if it should give you a new canvas or pull up a new canvas for you to draw on for this specific app.
1.2.1 Disabled S-Pen by default as it was recognizing all Samsung devices as S-Pen supported devices.
Fixed notification centering. Fixed windows not closing correctly resulting in a single floating pixel.
1.2 Major UI Improvements. Improved the notification to be smaller and more compact. Added Tabs to tools menu.
Added Undo button. Made drawing smoother and more consistent. Added a tutorial for new users. S-Pen support for Galaxy Note and S-Pendevices. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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  • Ink Over Apps v1.2.1 0DHdKDU3THYlCjd8ZR2AJalZQgGSM6zlEleyRVzTFtmmDpqlsIvsaRO7twtoDC4q1vv5=h310
  • Ink Over Apps v1.2.1 BnGGowVF-XO3k2qgKxST3ptOeChKyj_C6NrRULNeYrKnVS4HOESQ1-IFFqz44V4ejQ=h310



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