Informant v4.20.24 Premium

Informant v4.20.24 Premium informant-v4-20-22-premium

Informant is now a FREE download!
Use for free with basic features, or upgrade in-app to the Premium Upgrade and unlock all features. The choice is yours!
If you have already purchased Informant 3 or 4 please contact support for free unlock.
Built with over 10 years of mobile calendaring prowess, we’ve focused on the best user experience for the power user – as well as those who need just a bit more than the built-in apps provide.
Newly re-designed to be more consistent with Informant for iOS, making it easier than ever for users on both platforms to keep track of their data.

Choose from several built-in views, including: Month, Week, Multi-Day, Day, and more
Adjustable Multi-Day view lets you select how many days to show, from 1-7
Natural Language Entry – type everyday phrases such as “lunch with Jim at 12:00 tomorrow” and Informant will understand and create the event accordingly
Attach contact info or a written note
Support for ICS attachments
Printing (requires Android 4.4 or above)
Use the built-in TravelAssist™ to help manage event timezones while traveling
Weather integrated into the calendar views (in-app purchase)
Much More!

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See your Tasks on your calendar
Checklists for tasks containing lists of items such as groceries or packing
Natural Language Entry
Parent/Child tasks
Group Parent/Child tasks in calendar view
Attach contact info or a written note
User-Defined Smart Groups
Much More!

Text Notes
Voice Notes

Accesses the Contacts from your device
Attach Contact information to an event or task
Send ICS attachments to Contacts

Widget for Informant 4 is available here:

Informant Sync (requires subscription of $14.99/year)
Google Calendar
Google Tasks
Dropbox Backup

Fix issue sending events
crash report fixes

● Premium features Unlocked

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  • Informant v4.20.24 Premium 7iJC4HOdesYqHNyYvrgiEF3mEjNQkgMjgvxJ8kA9t4A4-nScMIScMKCQdLUs2k09Hw=h310
  • Informant v4.20.24 Premium ZP0iIWinjWLray_VIuE1wBi_xKmPtbytHwFV4UEA_GIAF05V2kS2-Wfo-Spl8r-w5g=h310
  • Informant v4.20.24 Premium oJiLhFGIgsUKreyv_NJ8M1a8k6Z7altUh6aCyUcKv87kKnJ59wuh0581KsA2obA1sUw=h310
  • Informant v4.20.24 Premium Ssi8UJVpAcFtNZIxbxCGCiFkIXt_2dcWXCv-ndBKnNKsUvWTP7OcqajumZvHCmHBsCxI=h310
  • Informant v4.20.24 Premium X5Oe0tsiNMjaE5dZmPDRjG3dLiee99TvzSdDNF8m2LHkaldiQH1p8G2XqQCqUYS-Hg=h310
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