Ice Box – Apps freezer v3.8.1 Pro

Ice Box – Apps freezer v3.8.1 Pro ice-box-apps-freezer-v3-3-0-g-pro-1

If your device is already root, you can install it directly.
If there is no root, you need to go through a very very very complicating operations to enable Ice Box. Please read the full description before making decision.

Non Root Setup: … Non%20Root)

Apps in box will be HIDDEN from launcher and won’t be able to steal your battery or cellular data in background. You can easily launch them from Ice Box, just like launch from a home screen folder. They’ll be frozen automatically after screen lock or back to launcher and can’t do anything in background.

Long press single icon, or drag to select multiple icons can:
– Run App.
– Freeze/Defrost app.
– View App’s system detail.
– Open on Google Play.
– Uninstall.

Support launcher shortcut:
– Freeze All Apps
– Freeze All + Lock Screen
– Defrost and Run Specific App

More Feature:
– Fingerprint lock.
– Notification shortcut.
– Android 7.1 quick shortcut.
– Double click shortcut to freeze.
– Support Tasker plugin.

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How to use non root mode
There is not necessary to switch to non root mode if your devices are already rooted.

1. Make sure your device is running Android 5.0+ and you know how to use adb clearly.
2. Go to “Settings – Accounts”, remove ALL ACCOUNTS including your Google account.
3. Run “adb shell dpm set-device-owner com.catchingnow.icebox/.receiver.DPMReceiver ” on your computer terminal.
4. Reboot your phone then can add your accounts back.

After setting up Ice Box will grant the Device Administrator permission on your device to freeze/defrost apps.
Please remember to click “Defrost All” in settings if you want to uninstall Ice Box.


– Support “Configure in other applications”.
– Bug fixes and performance improvements.

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  • Ice Box – Apps freezer v3.8.1 Pro jLRwQlpsNhoIjT9RodcXRTxKFe0aVa9EzcFUHANzwfbtvqDepJao0qw0ZNpH-e7tydc=h310
  • Ice Box – Apps freezer v3.8.1 Pro 7CiAXaMl2vz4ba0AGOuY2DMK_l23OqUNtqesbXXR5xmmJ87btaNeblPCR0EPOKdl9nbm=h310
  • Ice Box – Apps freezer v3.8.1 Pro AoEasPmEhYZUGP5uWHvdvrpLSBjHD_k0b79lsscuSz5GWjdf5yzG3onAApWCUSFk3j8f=h310
  • Ice Box – Apps freezer v3.8.1 Pro vNFokHVpbtWsvz-Y5civz53Q_Zq5CERPf6XdcveZgJLb8U87TuuazpQs4RFHliD8oA=h310
  • Ice Box – Apps freezer v3.8.1 Pro AlrL2PKlb1zQ94Q33Qhl9N9Da14HvfFVgkt7YNeT1IqOE5Yp2HPeq2k0Lsan0R3WChI=h310
  • Ice Box – Apps freezer v3.8.1 Pro PzH7H4iiOKgW3lTuDLhccGx28_Po8JyU82fa6k1LkP8IeZKvPrrIBxxic6E_blEZAlE=h310
  • Ice Box – Apps freezer v3.8.1 Pro Rja6Kc42aQMf8_Jb52igK789mJZ41pM4iDFOLdLrUnMVm5Yxae1OyjXYYf4zQ1ObjV2e=h310
  • Ice Box – Apps freezer v3.8.1 Pro cqRzx4QiP_ZmHESs_Th3VM4UvNfUwe--vr6Uu2uh8gI995dDM_rjbRP5W4ZijeOKlNQ=h310

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