HEBF Optimizer Pro v2.1 b7 build 21 Paid

HEBF Optimizer Pro v2.1 b7 build 21 Paid hebf-optimizer-pro-v2-1b2-paid-4

This is the extended version of HEBF Optimizer with extra features, such as:
– Custom interval of scheduled fstrim
– An extra theme
– Faster boot
– Unlimited selection of apps to force-stop (Game booster / VIP Battery Saver)

HEBF (empty heart, full battery)
Feeling heartbroken? Someone screwed up with you? Forget it. Your heart can be empty, do not let your battery get too!

What is HEBF:
HEBF Optimizer is an application that aims to increase the performance of your device, also by focusing on battery performance, we didn’t forget it. With a clean, fresh and pleasant user interface, HEBF shows you the explanation of each option right below it. The application also features a useful and smart toolbox that you can use whenever you want.

▪ A rooted phone
▪ Busybox installed (If it did not come with the root)
▪ Android 4.1+

Why do we need access to storage?
We need to copy the necessary files for the application works, read them and then run them, for that, we need this permission.

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Why do we need busybox?
The busybox assures us that all commands will run on all versions of the system, it is a binary that gathers the most common binaries into one, so if one of them is missing on your system, it will be present in busybox.
At the XDA Thread: forum.xda-developers.com … r-t3401341

Brought to you by: Lennoard Silva and Ivsom Emídio from Android VIP


Early beta release for testing, highlights are:
HEBF Account and its features; login using it or your Google Account
Create, save, restore and share backups using the Google Cloud
CPU Manager improved
Doze settings updated with several new options
Updated ART Compiler filters for Android 8.0+
Adaptive icon for Android 8.0+
Build.prop Editor improved
Layouts for landscape mode and tablets
New permissions will be required to save more battery power

This app has no advertisements


  • HEBF Optimizer Pro v2.1 b7 build 21 Paid PFAsrjJij65Xq14fyBgotHJg-hwX2ogTvkwjdCiYL12GnpeFz9VVmeTRcYNJJVlfzLoe=h310
  • HEBF Optimizer Pro v2.1 b7 build 21 Paid 6OmoQp3yUqMJuPSP5CkDknf4mSYzTVirziXgGT4W_K8WQ7FUnZmuPyf6ZADQC8tpJFo=h310
  • HEBF Optimizer Pro v2.1 b7 build 21 Paid z0db1Lt088ZaCx9QM_hECX6lZg_zwCN4wDrMyjW8bJHKfJ_o7fwHdAVYL7B4wkDyRw=h310
  • HEBF Optimizer Pro v2.1 b7 build 21 Paid V14fifknUJYA1k24u8CW7Xcyc0pMDAIXbzf2sanHJGIWyLsohtVkn7J5xcLfPTkMdqpm=h310
  • HEBF Optimizer Pro v2.1 b7 build 21 Paid VDFoiXiAnl9EjcwFo_SSHPFfPbPIyuUVkMK6LqLon6Uj22xQsJgPqFWh-DiYBLHQTHMC=h310
  • HEBF Optimizer Pro v2.1 b7 build 21 Paid cWjPseUlsN6_V4u3Nyc4PHzlwSnyOqUki4Q5_MoUvMQwWqdHDiYdgZNxNmJ6vJ9JXg=h310



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