Hearts v1.32 (Paid)

Hearts v1.32 (Paid) hearts-v1-32-paid

AI Factory Hearts brings this classic and popular 4-player trick-taking card game to the Android market. Created to the same high standard as the rest of our games, AI Factory Hearts provides classy graphics, super smooth gameplay, highly scalable difficulty & much more. Hearts has never been so good!

Hearts is also known under a number of different names around the world, including Chase the Lady and Rickety Kate, and is similar to the game Black Lady. In Turkey the game is called Queen of Spades, and in India it is known as Black Queen.


– Full Hearts play, with optional Jack of Diamonds rule
– Card passing options, including alternating (Left, Right, Across, No Pass)
– 18 CPU Hearts players of varying skill (beginner to expert)
– Choose which characters to play against!
– Choose between 3 decks of cards and 5 backgrounds (or use your own photo!)
– User and CPU player stats!
– Undo & Hints
– Hearts Rules & Help
– Designed for both Tablet and Phone

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  • Hearts v1.32 (Paid) S0kwh48rxnMcGMiYOA0xSpEvZVp6N0zEkbNbjXj2Epmvo9_Y2RprshPkD6W-o4Ze4w=h310
  • Hearts v1.32 (Paid) J4RpnNdbdSk9VGuccvby-GAlsp-hDi1joIBqw1vdgn3sHyCQWFFN2CiCzuL3x0uMFio=h310
  • Hearts v1.32 (Paid) cvjVYJjNt_3YACbdNhAZ88phGIb7bOBynswyP88Boiqgj7AMrl69CQTmwNIcKNKim9A=h310
  • Hearts v1.32 (Paid) qlPf6O9Ob98nt15nGIheN3UsQ3bLd4876dArN5FtVrBh6xRjDWbCZMLinQhNEYTJt2w=h310
  • Hearts v1.32 (Paid) c-nK4h8PMKRI2day2D6-QWUVk9Ol70mO2BTi4uPqDO6UKPTIt7OPsvvmy4xMgjpY0qo=h310
  • Hearts v1.32 (Paid) W3rKYwekZlaWUlWGuOU2v_Ojq4b-6vcwNJg-6Y9mEoDzAxLBBB30upEXCNFwQuWrWso=h310
  • Hearts v1.32 (Paid) LnMYQeQgW5MDgaj6AnjUq-88-MeFyaaMy4jyUM6ws2ZDVCQAsG1zo3w2OiRt8fvd-ZM=h310
  • Hearts v1.32 (Paid) YfK6KLTwoOGUsOcM3ba3pMDK66V7DEd0ae1_9wnr6VywGYzVKf14LJ_pkgbgGuPEsaI=h310
  • Hearts v1.32 (Paid) n3m1zmgipMh4qqFP9TggAC7oQKXLgQoA3zxTG0H7Dh6bN3Qzc7Jca6OwNzICd-SYp9w=h310
  • Hearts v1.32 (Paid) sJdLvPA5qOeYVHJEqwVIntOq0c2mS1dPRC7MAmEJlrnblTlLJ2IWk93vLBCUvjEns1N7=h310
  • Hearts v1.32 (Paid) ab6upiumzWkUMMWHamxM5X2pClr_Gb3OEM1ukvUgD7cxG_Uu22pG8mdKO8qAMDN57g=h310
  • Hearts v1.32 (Paid) yigTlb1rLHopYXWXxPOQB1xQNWI8PHhnymCkEDxaM0xUkb6epvi4ZfEUHKKvA_gjDdQ=h310
  • Hearts v1.32 (Paid) uDzXua3YCrOJ_s5AY3wkofrzCc6I7wq26TrHZn3NhjmOBtWz5bE2o1saJlgJF6J1tNFw=h310
  • Hearts v1.32 (Paid) ikwod2EEhNxsP5QBd9X2WG-A9OLEwBWiB0sM-VRhWiZ_jYI0afj3JDO4EbD5hsq3ewRp=h310
  • Hearts v1.32 (Paid) YlQiBOPfm9kbLN4FCgWPPieAmsRO4diGNAzk6Wk8lE9Hp3Waojf-RuQE1p3EB8Wv3A=h310
  • Hearts v1.32 (Paid) EeYF2OnvBPTjLF5yc6rSxDRY0oSPOxdbd33o1N6YJJg7jftyuBlHwI6vQH3s8JrIcEs=h310
  • Hearts v1.32 (Paid) 8nLtKibo92wnCld1jYICCnXC5Gvxq_R9mfEYfXCDcMOJbpvWzDZNSRI5jrZhjT5UDg=h310
  • Hearts v1.32 (Paid) EdGSLgur3pvVEHNOKeGNYtVnpF5dY0Adyl3qBTxXcfINkPN6t7a0bXAbHwBSFpVqxcQ=h310



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