Happy Vikings v1.3.2 (Paid)

Happy Vikings v1.3.2 (Paid) happy-vikings-v1-3-2-paid

Your fellow Vikings are gleefully raiding the neighbors, and someone has to make room for all the loot! Move and stack the plundered goods to become a legend, and praise the mighty Gods of Asgard!

– Action-packed platformer & block puzzle mix
– 80 challenging raids
– Mighty combos and eye-blinding special effects
– Hard Rock soundtrack for true Vikings

Get aboard your dragonship and raid foreign lands for valuable loot! It’s your job to stack and arrange the loot into combos and chains to earn points and dominate the world! Experience the might of those who reside in Valhalla’s great halls. Combine ancient runes to earn favours from the Nordic Gods of Old! Prove your worthiness and strength and earn your right to enter the Gates of Valhalla as a Happy Viking!

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Imprint: www.handy-games.com

– Fixed crash on Android 2.x

– Fixed crash on Android 5.x
– Fixed in app purchases
– x86 support

– Removed support for OpenFeint
– Screen adjustments for new devices
– Fixed crash in Egypt level 4 on low resolution devices
– Egypt scenario with 30 new levels!
– New special crates to stack
– Fixed game won’t start on Milestone and other devices
– Fixed a crash after unlocking all levels
– Tweaked controls
– Revised the first levels
– Changed the endless mode

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  • Happy Vikings v1.3.2 (Paid) 3hm9OtyCX4wZyd5zI-S2Rh0TucxmpIKUmrdfG_2qixpLmHyu_RdtdwZrcFyxBZ3pjwq2=h310
  • Happy Vikings v1.3.2 (Paid) _6IUtzk3ekPK0gzq2A2zsI7YiP-YeJOq9snzaKxeFeLZaOK8AULVZ6-eK8BjIdcxPwPL=h310
  • Happy Vikings v1.3.2 (Paid) WM7v6Fc1-43nuAI77nbJbUOV3Q_UdejTl5eZ_LpLlVFZtk942ttZsiCP8UDW0EUbmg=h310
  • Happy Vikings v1.3.2 (Paid) XLwi78TfimKjkHlt5xC2c5U4oOn3qYajIHVIVTiF_cNkLsFpfvbqFEoaCIZHSDXEQ3Q=h310
  • Happy Vikings v1.3.2 (Paid) telgF6sFyX5L_xiRowB8KBMZ0oyzH1hSYEuWPHecRjz79DB65Zf1rEf5k6EQCvfD5Q=h310
  • Happy Vikings v1.3.2 (Paid) -QtrRuRmYCM_SDKLaI1A1dDZ_Bbd-4lm1S4BKeF1lx42U8Cy3Fxw18id45sXmx0ViQ=h310
  • Happy Vikings v1.3.2 (Paid) 4rEFjtGEb1fnJV7ZP57YnrxhDWzCiimgYhRXS425f99lVt7AmGzSzGI1odxSRx187A=h310
  • Happy Vikings v1.3.2 (Paid) naBW-CHs9UnD4j8K2ccXaO-UFx5guCdUbVOaahaFKAO_QSswhuXbg2bx6gpjikivMAE=h310



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