HAMOND gold – Icon pack black 3D v3.5 Paid

HAMOND gold – Icon pack black 3D v3.5 Paid hamond-gold-icon-pack-black-3d-v3-5-paid

Hamond comes with over 2000 3D icons + themed HD wallpaper made with attention to detail and the passion for quality.

Enjoy personalization of your home screen with this unique, designed icon pack.

✦ Over 2000 HD icons
✦ HD cloud-based wallpaper
✦ XXXHDPI Icons – 192×192
✦ Support 29++ launchers, Apply From Icon Pack Dashboard
✦ Support 18++ launchers, Apply From Launcher Settings
✦ See & Search icons
✦ Smart Icon Request
✦ Many folder category icons to sort your apps
✦ Frequent updates
✦ Alternative icons to choose
✦ Support main dynamic calendar (eg. Google, Today, Touch, Sunrise, Biz, Business Calendar, pre-installed calendar and many more)
✦ Icons sorted in various categories with search and preview function.
✦ Help section, contains FAQs
✦ Report bugs via email
✦ etc 😉


Apply From Icon Pack Dashboard

▶ ABC Launcher
▶ Action Launcher
▶ Adw Launcher
▶ Adw EX Launcher
▶ Apex Launcher
▶ Atom Launcher
▶ Aviate Launcher
▶ Cyanogenmod Theme Engine
▶ Everything ME
▶ Evie Launcher
▶ GO Launcher
▶ Holo Launcher
▶ LG Home (except LG Launcher Android 7.0)
▶ Lucid Launcher
▶ M Launcher
▶ Mini Launcher
▶ Next Launcher
▶ Nougat Launcher
▶ Nova Launcher
▶ Smart Launcher
▶ Solo Launcher
▶ TSF Launcher
▶ Themer Launcher
▶ Unicon PRO ( Icon themer ) & XGELS
▶ V Launcher
▶ ZenUI Launcher
▶ Zero Launcher

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Apply From Launcher Settings

▶ Arrow Launcher
▶ Asus Launcher
▶ Awesome Icons
▶ Blackberry Launcher
▶ Epic Launcher
▶ Inspire Launcher
▶ iTop Launcher
▶ KK Launcher
▶ Lens Launcher
▶ L Launcher
▶ Nemus Launcher
▶ New Launcher
▶ Nine Launcher
▶ MN Launcher
▶ One Plus Launcher
▶ S Launcher
▶ Xperia Home
▶ Doodol Launcher
▶ and much more

1. Home – Xperia Launcher : Tab your finger on a clear area on home sceen for 2-3 seconds -> select setting -> icon appereance , and select your icon pack & apply
2. Next Launcher supports icon upon but only system apps but manual apply will change the rest
3. LG Home may working unstable for some device. If you have problem’s please send me an email for refund!

If you have any problems or any suggestions for our Icon Pack,
please do not hesitate to tell us. We will help you! E-mail:

Made in Germany – tapani first copyright© all rights reserved


Now with 2000 icons

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  • HAMOND gold – Icon pack black 3D v3.5 Paid _0Pc7iSKuFm4q6nE8awP6XCg2wcHUOwCkcKBKjSXUoZLACwITwdDs8-jC83EceUPjmMD=h310
  • HAMOND gold – Icon pack black 3D v3.5 Paid CPBBIHCECGgGb-gVQzIjz25mcdk2L9bHths7BmnAIhK7SB4IlAwLaFHwPwpOd95W8g=h310
  • HAMOND gold – Icon pack black 3D v3.5 Paid bxpqAXvkp_wQeetAaQAGBXLlutth6Tw5d32xgC9dONodN0r5XTyudF1MSgFt440DLPtX=h310
  • HAMOND gold – Icon pack black 3D v3.5 Paid B1wKpzblNV9k7pnAogxCQ2AUMqOPrlvDzHmGkxxnwnOlms30dgv2iguBDy71BimyIe6K=h310
  • HAMOND gold – Icon pack black 3D v3.5 Paid db4eSeD16smaAaiZMLMU-boRW3Q2bWcSyM37DMWXLgBYFBqauiQs77OB-cVVbNI0ZP7F=h310
  • HAMOND gold – Icon pack black 3D v3.5 Paid 2sRKmPQG_xNWdmZCVxt90cTcMXjgByTSRDDQxc7RGrmGpq5OkwpZgYcKPX6mlazb1fcX=h310
  • HAMOND gold – Icon pack black 3D v3.5 Paid Yom0G2vY1ng7c1E7pNyYg5M87hK8L4jHP0-CR7DNGvSmWonuGJFDVdJHOtKXna6-FD-A=h310
  • HAMOND gold – Icon pack black 3D v3.5 Paid G6xeMn98B-jew3DQdpWd4kP8WNFmHBYAr5wVpa6nosdXQmbhnVcYEODNEcgeY0EkxQ=h310
  • HAMOND gold – Icon pack black 3D v3.5 Paid mcdHK6M3Np1U5JX6RHndNXW2066HLdaaRY13vZEGc9J_RCR6bPCFhMs2nQ9kbxHDsoM=h310



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