Habit Browser v1.1.77 Mod

Habit Browser v1.1.77 Mod habit-browser-v1-1-77-mod

Habit Browser is a feature-rich Web browser.
You can use easily lightly various functions.
In addition, you can make the browser your own by rich customization.
It is time to create the powerful browser of your own! !
– Translation is machine translation
Translation volunteer is welcome. please login and help to translate by
Thanks to following people for all their effort and support:
Jarek Mazur
– If you have enabled Flash, it may become inoperable by the terminal.
If you fall into inoperable, please disable or uninstall the Flash
– For quick menu
Appears in the “Tap and Hold” to the Center from the side of the screen
– For user scripts
It does not correspond to the “@match” “@require”
– Permission description
ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE and ACCESS_WIFI_STATE is used in [Preload of the web page]
EXPAND_STATUS_BAR is used in [Open status bar menu]
INTERNET is used in [Browser]
WAKE_LOCK is used in [Stay awake settings]
WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE is used in [Download and Export settings]
READ_HISTORY_BOOKMARKS is used in [Import device bookmarks]
INSTALL_SHORTCUT is used in [Add to home menu]
VIBRATE is used in [Vibration on long press settings]
NFC is used in [Android Beam]
Operation check device:
Galaxy S 4.0.4
Xperia VL 4.1.2
HTC J One 4.2.2
Galaxy S 4.3
Nexus7 2013 4.4

Changelog v1.1.77:

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– Fixed translation

★★★ MOD ★★★
Languages: en, ru
Deeply and thoughtfully cleaned graphics
Removed trash. He was not enough
Cut out all the code that was needed hidden tracking of all user actions
Removed as unnecessary permission Billing
The translation from the Kureichuk mod is used and improved: edited (with the participation of 77kdv77 and Kir.driver, edited by Allen_Walker) Russian
Changed application name, removed version number from quick launch bar
Removed menu items associated with the donate.
Search services: Yandex instead of Yahoo; Google, Bing, Duck – in place
Included are large thumbnails in the quick launch bar and a preview in the tab bar.
Modification is untied from Google Services
Many minor changes
Fixed notification work on 8.0+: thanks @SVolf
Added adblock: it works
Signature changed

This app has no advertisements


  • Habit Browser v1.1.77 Mod Ebnv_BDwFDH1Rzze3G7TuZIsQfS7aRdNJPEmO21fogkCAmKNiQiKBeYJbN-7AFKFrv-0=h310
  • Habit Browser v1.1.77 Mod gbIg0ADmloQYvRqCDJJqMoknM2Np3PyHaP6On_o5sVrZlex_BQfioPZIOvnDEmJfryAO=h310
  • Habit Browser v1.1.77 Mod EYzm6tiD2cUDNcy3KY35qUmPPm8eL_e_86iuxn8WLFMy5Se0qmuMd_uUau0rKYDPuKnO=h310
  • Habit Browser v1.1.77 Mod sHkJQ5YHe-h1FtLfmcwNJ5OOxHdQoIGNkIVn7uhSO2El-M_M9akJMqHdx4qInAwWcHk=h310

Download: credit Alex.Strannik


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