glowWorm v1.0 (Paid)

glowWorm v1.0 (Paid) glowworm-v1-0-paid

In this game you need to stay highly concentrated. So don’t lose your focus to get a new high score.

You’ll surely love this game once you get how it works!

How to play:
✮ Hold and Swipe your finger to move the worm.
✮ Feed all the Collectibles with worm’s head.
✮ Don’t hit head with similar colors of worm’s head.
✮ Don’t hit head with similar shapes of worm’s head.

glowWorm Features:
Endless gameplay
Simple swipe control
Lose your focus and die
Improve concentration power
Simple rules but a little difficult to master
Get High Score in Endless
Cool Animations
Beautiful glowing graphics
More features are coming soon…

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  • glowWorm v1.0 (Paid) qB9_qbnTs_CelqUXnFZE-J17r5EHSRtIFahdB-ZsHtOpSMbSlDzwrx9INqqrVeFvIDg=h310
  • glowWorm v1.0 (Paid) luQbM1LHosPoeNypRFiaT59GQCrWowPw4aBkal2Myg79qL0425lgD3vJPoFsSeN-bRw=h310
  • glowWorm v1.0 (Paid) cmuBt5pRK2kqbmjrx9HJ18FehavHXjFBjp572vn7NUqSxOOFGGVkjQgTmExl8by0uQ=h310
  • glowWorm v1.0 (Paid) JrR6M5hVJSthKWfzXVeoF0PzhvQsp0Wh3tQPA1VKV9gbng5w5Y7AgKd2qXYFhjuai46-=h310
  • glowWorm v1.0 (Paid) YAxrdkI3CoRkYpOEvjlKmAkDNO-TxPSyFo7JMr40YmkPnmu94p2DKaI70rHQ-LztfdQ=h310
  • glowWorm v1.0 (Paid) qStVnGiY-W5I6y-NoUTC4sIn0x3nmYvZay69bl6ITy_fZu7cJgfzE-AKwhG4khNPwlk=h310
  • glowWorm v1.0 (Paid) d161VLDUh2eKS6rOBzgDCHsVhwjQyxoTn17hiV0OBJmPAEnq8kZrIOMJx1nTm6yC3w=h310
  • glowWorm v1.0 (Paid) rlNA3YzSJXej91owJnMoFzp0khwHRRKu6kdkwf7K4y1yaHAkYlreStJfFK2QsD71lKU=h310
  • glowWorm v1.0 (Paid) aHyMYgxTIMXgWYra7QkXZm0DpNkaok4IAZSZf9S8lWPptopbWRg70CbEruaMtk6PeU0=h310
  • glowWorm v1.0 (Paid) 1ioKCnqAnn4dLe4WUWgCEJmjcj_-buz99pkj_cFcjLGmCYXN0kjuR_mdkmYvtQH47P4=h310



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