Geotag Photos Pro 2 v1.7.0 Unlocked

Geotag Photos Pro 2 v1.7.0 Unlocked geotag-photos-pro-2-v1-6-2-unlocked-1

It supports JPG & RAW photos and its data can be used also with Lightroom, Aperture, Picasa and other photo apps that supports geotagged photos.

Try 3 trips for FREE and then unlock the full app for a one time fee.

Geotag Photos Pro is praised by industry experts
– Geotagging App of the Year by Macworld
– Repeatedly recommended by leading Adobe Lightroom professionals
– Recommended in many great books such as Lightroom 4 UnMasked, Lightroom 4 the missing FAQ, Lightroom 4 Roadmap for photographers
– Praised by leading photography magazines and websites all over the world (Techradar, Ephotozine, Fotomaf, Xatakafoto, Lightroom Secrets, Digital-Fotografie,, Photoplus…)

Best facts about Geotag Photos Pro
– Complete solution – mobile app records your position while you’re taking great photos and a desktop app geotags your images using recorded data.
– Flawless Lightroom Compatibility – GPX files from the app work flawlessly inside Lightroom’s Map module for geotagging
– Dropbox and Google Drive support – automatically export all your trips as GPX files
– Smart watch app – dedicated app for Android Wear and Pebble to control app from your wrist ! Automatic trip upload – the app automatically sync all your trips ( you can switch to manual uploads in settings)
– Battery usage optimized for whole day of geotagging
– Choose the logging interval and accuracy for whatever you need
– Organized trips history
– Statistics of your trips
– Export to GPX

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FREE desktop geotagging app
Adds GPS location to your your JPG or RAW photos quickly and easily! Works both online and offline and there are version for any operating system – Mac OS X, Windows and even Linux

Supported image formats: jpg, nef, cr2, crw, dcr, ciff, erf, orf, k25, kdc, mef, mrw, nrw, pef, raf, tif, tiff, raw, arw, rw2, srf, sr2, srw, x3f, dng

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– Added support for Android 8.
– Many small improvements

● Paid features Unlocked
● Analytics Disabled

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