gaia substratum v2.4 Patched

gaia substratum v2.4 Patched UpNkgD4t5ALm54C-4mlamLxgJ_nZLy2EjPlgOcNGyqg4VAPzQ6EBe9WCsMIeWlASgg=w300

– You’ll need substratum app from Play Store to apply this theme.

– For rootless Oreo you’ll need Andromeda add-on from Play Store.
– Theme will completely change system icons on your Nougat or Oreo ROMs (stock and custom ROMs with substratum support).
– You can use it as an add-on with any substratum theme or as a standalone theme.
– Icons will follow accent color from your ROM/theme.
– I covered system icons from stock and most popular custom Oreo and Nougat ROMs. If you find any unthemed icon in your favorite ROM please contact me via email and I’ll try to add it in the next update (screenshot and name of the ROM are required)
– In the future I’ll probably add quick tile icons, switches and other stuff.
– Theme doesn’t work on Samsung devices with stock ROM.


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  • gaia substratum v2.4 Patched sjVYTfLSutVcgO-uMfya9cRmYksWqONhc5A_t6AR85kU0kMLb4Y6FVXTInUh-eWZkl8=h310
  • gaia substratum v2.4 Patched xtwfQFryJlETabrF__Tq1lOQwKZ-_HM-ZPmF056_xi4TPG1U8OG4YYmFWXN6ErUfdQ=h310
  • gaia substratum v2.4 Patched 2T1zSJ6cejzRyQVe50e5QA25ZhU2KWh4aQCJCKs8_fKzTs8SIj3RPptdgq6VlUC8Vaw=h310



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