Fuelmeter (Сonsumption) v2.8.7 Unlocked

Fuelmeter (Сonsumption) v2.8.7 Unlocked fuelmeter-%D1%81onsumption-v2-8-7-unlocked

Fuelmeter will help keep track of refills and calculate the average fuel consumption.

– graphical graphics;
– extensive statistics;
– no need to enter the rest of the fuel in the tank;
– without advertising;
– support for multi-fuel vehicles;
– fully customizable main screen;
– keeping records of several cars;
– record keeping;
– Calculator for calculating the trip;
– reminders will help not forget to pass the necessary maintenance;
– customizable fuels;
– configurable types of costs;
– save the database in Google Drive, Dropbox, SD card;
– widgets on the desktop;
– choose the logo of the car.

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Attention! The application is designed to calculate the average fuel consumption! Most calculations are correct, if fueled by red light, no matter how much.

Dear users, if something does not work out for you, do not be in a hurry to leave a negative review, write to me at and I will definitely help you. Thank you for understanding!


– updated app widgets
– optimization of the application
– other changes and improvements

Full Version Unlocked

This app has no advertisements


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  • Fuelmeter (Сonsumption) v2.8.7 Unlocked EZ2iJSeYrHkU_OvS60kBHCTFSKQm4gnwiXnLck_JyWPrbVGVJSwg_XkRD4Fcuul3e8Qf=h310
  • Fuelmeter (Сonsumption) v2.8.7 Unlocked oSAiuNl8c25G7sIcY7AVtgrD9aEcoz5y1PvD3XXA9d8KQnC-c1bwTjI5nO4CTgNYcfs=h310
  • Fuelmeter (Сonsumption) v2.8.7 Unlocked xSy3D3uk6dRfta83OuszgV5OsvZ19xUnS1rKGU31cjh7_RJ155DlkDoRG0yT9ABRObE=h310
  • Fuelmeter (Сonsumption) v2.8.7 Unlocked 1qDKxig-dNHrXY1Do6u_NVA_vdxxs-BnAseaUc8fQCEvMnaFxtTvHSiZjC9jIFE4PL8=h310
  • Fuelmeter (Сonsumption) v2.8.7 Unlocked hDP3ReExdsnexuNCFgVJiyiEtsPDpVw2R7yIjSVxCtb2pXkTrdoloDOd4X_NdkidMeE=h310
  • Fuelmeter (Сonsumption) v2.8.7 Unlocked SRQiwsKkxNmR-XPZ91WfZg3mjRcFrqvHTy_wzdjuBOpJmiRd9T_VYuZ2AioDbp8bk9M=h310
  • Fuelmeter (Сonsumption) v2.8.7 Unlocked bnwHpp_uRU4GWrcFu6KukP_gjMbD-BBHq3hUGGRS54gPW7OPoEx5G2hWzkEJO7iZyx8=h310

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