Fu*** Weather (Funny Weather) v8.1.1 Ad Free

Fu*** Weather (Funny Weather) v8.1.1 Ad Free fu-weather-funny-weather-v8-1-1-ad-free

Well, let Fu*** Weather app do that for you. It will check the weather and show it in a very special way…
Detailed current weather conditions,
Hourly weather,
Weather for a whole week (detailed of course),
Home screen widgets,
Android Wear app.
And all of them with fu*** descriptions!

The app contains strong language. The author of this app takes no responsibility for any kind of moral injury.
Thus under no circumstances can the author accept any complaints from people without sense of humor

Although the app uses the F word in its weather phrases very intensively, please refrain from using that word (along with any other obscene words) in your comments. Those are automatically removed.

If you have any suggestions or bug reports, please use the in-app contact option (see “About” screen in the app). I can resolve issues much quicker that way.

And last one thing: No ad-free version available. I’d also like to have such a paid variant, but for some reasons I can’t sell it.

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• Added new layers to weather maps (wind speed and humidity; available only for US locations)
• Weather maps can be zoomed in and out
• Satellite (earth) images can be used as weather maps’ base
• High resolution maps can be enabled on supported devices
• Decreased battery drain
• Fixed broken (in some cases) weather sharing option
• Added new weather phrases
• Fixed some minor bugs, improved some stuff

★★★ MOD AdFree: ★★★
– Ads Removed
– Sponsored banner layout removed
– All ads calls from activity removed
– All ads banner layout in tablet mode removed
– Native admob ads banner layout removed
– Analytics disabled

This app has no advertisements


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  • Fu*** Weather (Funny Weather) v8.1.1 Ad Free 2PQv5nOk3Ek03L5nAWlIpgPOPtYqfJumy9cvSRGmDKWCJn5Wca3OWQyeytVN8S1LKBg=h310
  • Fu*** Weather (Funny Weather) v8.1.1 Ad Free 9LjsWEGq4PzkD9MduEvkLvAzPCs6HDfGt4m3ZHP91Xff_O3UvEi-taNGR7SrfV7sBoI=h310
  • Fu*** Weather (Funny Weather) v8.1.1 Ad Free dziWKCJq_uW5QDDrvcOUCodytV7q_2ISw4Lxf_e5GS3I1fmek6TUd6KVqCi7SEqQkiY=h310
  • Fu*** Weather (Funny Weather) v8.1.1 Ad Free yPYghO5zrcbmL1WY-xJjk47RWhLbttEbPaUhR0MXUZWhNV7lYIW7cR2pBOwg2nKygyo=h310
  • Fu*** Weather (Funny Weather) v8.1.1 Ad Free Ils8d4gYcPSFxHhXmde7FP3bBBzaJL3kZgthC2lkx0jQJMmTYoA5rpvEiwoTel6aEA=h310
  • Fu*** Weather (Funny Weather) v8.1.1 Ad Free 4iuoKvg1gdVQYslMOkce4L7NDk7vPba646llRH88soAzkNG2NnTfh20F4Jmtf54nRgU=h310
  • Fu*** Weather (Funny Weather) v8.1.1 Ad Free QKsNURVQUkgT9rz_a3V3tTjoulB6da8blF1LYwA5xlnYjbr4CjcHO7IguZhI91UGmHc=h310



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