Folder Organizer

Folder Organizer folder-organizer-3-7-0-2

+ Change folder icon, icon pack support
+ Sort folder items any way you like
+ Make app shortcuts with custom icons and names
+ IconFinder support: search for new icons on the web
+ Put items in notification bar
+ Scrollable widgets

Tutorials are available in official site www. folderorganizer .net

Permissions are needed to read contacts and bookmarks, create direct call shortcuts and download new icons.

Folder Organizer can’t be moved to sd card because it contains widgets (see Android documentation for details).

Please restart your home replacement or your device if you see wrong icons on home after a version update

*** NOTE ***
This is the paid version, and is being uploaded due to the other copy on here being reported that it is not working properly.
*** /NOTE ***

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  • Folder Organizer j--nolQ_IWv-mZ2uESHtBLUmgubD_OVzJJ27BRwpb-6A9tfUBI3PA8uQOwSuKSO-_3c=h310
  • Folder Organizer oCHmanGnyd23mkFkpP3r2qLUTNgzsR1_EDFYwZwkJQpJtyAu2Emsfr-BKVhgJG8xBySI=h310
  • Folder Organizer IgQoQBpOfseT7MpunK6whXeJ9T1c1dttuivYa2674BPVGG9hU3gWu3H6R9goZ1jFnT8=h310
  • Folder Organizer Q1v9Wq8sw3rCenUcsBLjARqJVxExSTT4vSJYbxUfINTT53uvEj0MyYaIgAMl7HWuwE4=h310
  • Folder Organizer TU6jIyDoJlp5pNLIc5ZVyE_wbxbl2JLGFbQHcQgEmJ6CD5e9Z2zx3NQPakJiDWxtlg=h310
  • Folder Organizer WcrtybnlXPiKKhDZwYwRR1gXhSmonWj76oPUB-cnTbCMMDusBaz86fR4nXmmQR5gY6M=h310
  • Folder Organizer JrcNZ9fP0KYFT0AkT2WLsGGaT6D8NufMom8L1zgKLLA7mI5NQTP_6vgssFqlpyw5IupA=h310
  • Folder Organizer Gw5vQmtdkD5OLzOkcyH_-llapCwXH064YZFkeBCOuii2-BLjBI0-weeF8TSHjWdvgZg=h310



I fill random requests; do not pm me with them.
Only use my releases to TEST apps with!
Please support the developers and BUY the app if you find it useful!!

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