Flux – Substratum Theme v3.3.3 Patched

Flux – Substratum Theme v3.3.3 Patched flux-substratum-theme-v3-3-3-patched

To apply Flux you will need to download the Substratum app! (requires root!)

Works with android 7.0/7.1.1 with OMS support. It also works on stock/legacy rom as well but some icons may not be themed.
Works with all DPI sizes!

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• How to apply Flux overlays?
– Go to Substratum app, open the drawer, select defaults manager and then restore system theme. Now open Flux and select all overlays toggle, open floating action button and select Build & Enable.

• Having issues with notifications not displaying correctly?
– Restart and disable the dynamic notifications color in settings, if you have this option.

• After updating Flux, sometimes you may need to select overlays > build & update.

• Some of your settings icons are just blue circles?
– This happens because the rom you are using does not include the latest patches for the icons to be themed. You can contact your rom dev to fix this.

• If your rom has a dark mode option in settings, turn it off.

• Restart your phone after every update is highly suggested.

• More roms support will come with future updates.

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• Updated your rom?
– Sometimes you need to remove and grand root permissions to apply overlays.

• Weird icons and background colors?
– Probably overlays did not apply correctly, try to re-apply and restart.

• Your phone stuck in boot loop?
– Go to your recovery and flash the rescue zips located in Substratum folder.

• Battery icon cannot be themed in qs panel.
• Don’t forget you need to be connected to the internet to apply overlays.

Bugs/Suggestions Community
• Please do not write your bug/suggestion reports in the reviews, instead contact me via email or use the community.




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• Added more android p navbar options
• Added new yellow amber color accent
• Added latest oos open beta support (enable from settings overlay)
• Improved Instagram (
• Improved samsung systemui
• Improved playstore
• Improved oxygenos
• Fixed whatsapp search text
• Fixed google photos (
• Fixed youtube (13.25.56)
• Misc ui fixes and improvements

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  • Flux – Substratum Theme v3.3.3 Patched HU3CKoYjEMZ2k6vNPEbCWBOPBohXpjeW-K3AKTd4YzSBSZnoZh1SNfbuVvXRtVv6oi0=h310
  • Flux – Substratum Theme v3.3.3 Patched 0x3MZiIlKqwLwXsLe2OTg8ZUYA4JgCKSwuzu_lVpp50ULox0C0ZE_MrNRWCPeQ0pMPKl=h310
  • Flux – Substratum Theme v3.3.3 Patched w7XesOqi3qUpRIXDIaonBsb3EXxqlpQKuJtwUtxQl3p82IjTdtKgbuzkOYJATL_B8A=h310
  • Flux – Substratum Theme v3.3.3 Patched c5w10IR6hzG1WYNCixBvV2LcP5aQyckhlOmvyYoKj-wYtWYaYUhcjCVtkBhtngNxhO9C=h310
  • Flux – Substratum Theme v3.3.3 Patched qXegVQRqMvcdkNMlw1lUeoCFxcfnxV26GgbgLvoHisu-7XCba1a3RUPQN722-s35EQ=h310
  • Flux – Substratum Theme v3.3.3 Patched NN4dWP3VI3DJ0T60X765Diws63Fyzm-QurUdVkMxmKkXK06PWrhLGYsbhYyFIU4iPqzS=h310
  • Flux – Substratum Theme v3.3.3 Patched oKOFLl5tUz3AMVz6ghiAzqK5SoqgCAYZsNcif4b7iQWeKbEUj2QgkOiw63yhC-JreZc=h310
  • Flux – Substratum Theme v3.3.3 Patched feg_c3m8-xVhStYc-HLW3Ixv-F2OpwJVT2WxPAnWIO9kx2YBPskXbu9TEjTcy_VzE0kv=h310
  • Flux – Substratum Theme v3.3.3 Patched Y3-sO9qkO63UBvZhGQNollpGFIduIS8YCwEGBwFvmqeLGVU5hsy_oHFoeC1hjo9efQyN=h310
  • Flux – Substratum Theme v3.3.3 Patched TqcngGcjqD0IJE71h07e4n_tDEcZP1xxH9Mu-OjOmkF6W1qh_rNm7bYoNSKMRSY9cwg=h310
  • Flux – Substratum Theme v3.3.3 Patched 4DoV-jSgz5E-EktaIX0_x1lGgMOlDvDxW-sBxUY9de3FNIKndv66-MEHIbdvpdJkJ1VY=h310
  • Flux – Substratum Theme v3.3.3 Patched 9aPld3OKmlULXQS15f2mkgKUZ2wMUMYHAAdYasLmEvCQzG8F5KTSRyZrb6h6m3Cdpgla=h310



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