Flick Launcher v0.3.0 build 320 Pro

Flick Launcher v0.3.0 build 320 Pro flick-launcher-v0-3-0-build-312-pro-1

Flick Launcher Is a project created by Michele Lacorte.

Flick Launcher supports Google Now Feed integration!

You will find many ways to customise your interface, like a night mode, immersive mode, max size widgets, grid resizing, blur…
Change any text to the size, colour or font you like, and now even app animations!

App Shortcuts
Thanks to backporting, Flick Launcher brings app shortcuts to everyone! You won’t have to install custom ROMs to have them.
You can even choose to enable dynamic colour, that will adapt their colour to fit your background or app.

You can customise your app drawer to your liking, change the number of apps per column, organise your apps alphabetically, or try the new search bar layout.
Of course you can change the colour of the background, of the text, and the speed of the animation.

Search bar
Flick Launcher has its own search bar widgets!
You can customise these with your preferred search engine, change the mic icon and even activate “Ok Google” voice recognition or just Google search in overlay!

Circular icons, an animated clock icon, custom icon packs, any shape and size of icon you want, are just some of the many features that Flick offers to keep you always up to date with the latest design trends.

Never lose track of what’s important, with Flick EVERYONE can use notification badges and the all new notification dots fresh of Android Oreo.
Make the new notification dots yours, change their colour (or let Flick do it automatically), their size, position or try out a new kind of layout designed by Flick Launcher for you!

Your dock the way you want it: change the number of icons and widgets in it, the icon for the drawer, change even its height and background, in other words, have fun creating your perfect design!

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There is no lack of ways to customise the layout of folders, you can change the colour of the background and preview, the type of preview, the labels or you can even have them transparent!

Choose the page indicator and pick one of more than 10 animations to transition between pages.

Have fun deciding what gesture opens what, you will have many actions to choose from all thanks to Flick Launcher!
With these many gestures you can launch any application you want or choose a specific action you want your phone to do, like opening the notification panel, turning on the torch or launching Google Assistant and much much more!

Worried about security? Don’t be! Flick Launcher has you covered.
You can choose which apps to protect with the fingerprint scanner authentication system of your phone, with a password, or quite simply you can just hide the app!

Flick has a power saving option for the app in the menu, there is also an option to save the layout you have created, this way whatever happens, it’s safe.

So, what are you waiting for? Download Flick Launcher straight away!


Version 0.3.0 Beta 319
– Added new desktop shortcuts (see App Shortcuts category for disable).
– Added new widget panel (round).
– Fixed bug dock search bar when color has transparency.
– Fixed Huawei widget crash.
– Close folder on drawer automatically when click back button.
– Removed folder section name when sectioned drawer mode is enabled.
– Fixed Iphone X dock style.

See more at: flicklauncher.it#changelog

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  • Flick Launcher v0.3.0 build 320 Pro cmVN_BzibUJi_mYZ47NYyP-lI6MGzswWUz5AI_z08WQ7439J7JD9eogC3s-j_QCtpeo=h310
  • Flick Launcher v0.3.0 build 320 Pro wZe7Kfz6RrriFdEC5clRmPTYDHL-DIzkdkOuGWug6_dXYiS-xkbMdt9YLT6B9auuYQ=h310
  • Flick Launcher v0.3.0 build 320 Pro Gz5RzzBVZeoDMXz61DQlB1vrO9JV3Y-EqgHzFr28UOOJt2WXYSov-OSZIqeATEECmO9G=h310

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