FITAPP Running Walking Fitness v4.1.0 Premium

FITAPP Running Walking Fitness v4.1.0 Premium fitapp-running-walking-fitness-v4-1-0-premium

Do you want…?
★ You want to compare different types of activities (running, walking, jogging) and track your runs via GPS?
★ You are looking for an app which motivates and encourages you losing weight in your diet?
★ You want to know how much calories you burn?
★ You want to improve your physical fitness and health?

Perfect! FITAPP is the ideal app for you and it’s a 100% FREE GPS running app!

FITAPP is your personal fitness coach which includes a health diary. It supports you at many different sports activities such as running or jogging, bicycling, inline skating, mountain biking, walking, cross country skiing and many more. Furthermore it helps you to lose weight, count your calories or to reach your ideal body weight.

Via GPS you can easily track your activities, save it in your diary and look it up whenever you’d like to. In contrast to other health or fitness apps FITAPP provides you with an exact location via GPS and saves your battery while you are running, jogging or walking.

In addition this fitness app shows you a precise review of the calories you burned, the distance and the pace, while you are running. With FITAPP fitness app you can also compare different types of activities. This feature helps you to track all your activities and runs via GPS and look up how many calories you’ve burned. You also get a detailed overview of your weight which helps you with your weight loss during a diet. FITAPP is your personal running coach. It accompanies you when you want to improve your health, lose weight, increase your endurance or reach your personal fitness goals.

The built in BMI (body mass index) calculator helps you to control your weight loss. With FITAPP you can look up your BMI and check out your ideal body weight. All you have to do is to type in your height and weight and then you will see if you are underweight or overweight. This supports you with your weight loss and helps you to reach your ideal body weight and stay healthy and fit.

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Another feature of FITAPP is voice feedback which gives you details like distance, the calories you’ve burned, the current pace and your average pace while you are running, jogging or walking.

★ Record of time, distance and pace
★ Measurement of average and top speed
★ Calories counter
★ Fitness and health diary and statistics of your tracked activities via GPS tracker
★ Voice feedback (calories, distance, current speed, average pace
★ BMI (body mass index) calculator

This FREE running app guarantees a lot of fun and helps you to stay fit and healthy. FITAPP supports you with your training exercises and helps you to lose weight or keep your body weight.

If you have any questions, problems or improvement proposal do not hesitate to write us. This is our email address:


New features of FITAPP Running Walking Fitness:
★ FITAPP Feed – Share your activities with the FITAPP community!
Thank you for being part of the FITAPP community and sharing your feedback! We are working very dedicated on improving our app and constantly releasing awesome features.
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