FinanceManager v1.2.2 patched

FinanceManager v1.2.2 patched financemanager-v1-2-2-patched

You will be reminded timely when contract extensions are upcoming or payments are pending and the app shows you what your money was spent for. You always have an overview of your income and expenditures, can split them up into categories and thus recognize potential savings.
All this saves your money!
No ads, no in-app purchases, only the most necessary permissions!
Visit the website for a detailed description of all app functionalities.
Contacts → find accounts on the device:
Is required to determine the identity of the user and protect backups against unauthorized access.
Storage → read the contents of your USB storage:
Is required for backups.
Other → run at startup + control vibration:
Is required for notifications. This ensures that the contract reminders work properly even after a reboot or device crash.
Other → Google Play license check:
Is required to verify the legitimate purchase of the app.

Bugfixes for Android 8.0

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This app has no advertisements


  • FinanceManager v1.2.2 patched cERjBJBZgeCx70MiZct2J8PqWMZvT_mcmJMulhoGoneEATwBzH2o8CZTxmk1rAZgdN0D=h310
  • FinanceManager v1.2.2 patched okw-T1GKEuc_GtiURFj7rLUNgpNHkFTjqgLwYxzgC8CEaiXXF_u8i6CbyRD9eRaZgBs=h310
  • FinanceManager v1.2.2 patched NukiU4sMbNX8hKssyqzas54NTgHk3ckp6tOruLl6dfIj0XE4-avHauw0Lm44QKIdgW8n=h310
  • FinanceManager v1.2.2 patched YGnEkKjKfc-XjSccw4V6ksN-K6kKeNbvQXbs-pDjS0uSJe9_X_xn7LE7qcyk7N5nlHQ=h310
  • FinanceManager v1.2.2 patched 5gn8ahPyDUJ2obQpdE_6JZzSDs28jTimGhT-sTiic3gUc5JAe_ezMHqPKwmmiSrVXNU=h310
  • FinanceManager v1.2.2 patched dDtFxsdxGTGPaPo9SHVxstZDvWmip5F65ZDJs5TZTa0Ci7KRTBHoo1jFDa7gF1sSvg=h310
  • FinanceManager v1.2.2 patched WXdjaB_8FKxeumUptx1r1JLJNPPN48A_s5dK1eW_PrXPIYStfDbqn0Q1TdSdLICoyAk=h310
  • FinanceManager v1.2.2 patched 63LMHAYG_1777lzoYiKfQijH_UZTKq3kDA_r-lYAjKoCNV1wncvPPQ-rgAibpaQV76eK=h310
  • FinanceManager v1.2.2 patched 21tlRgMhYKF35kyeMMSKW2ubFBLO0uimZe98CHFFVNloPpb7qnJN43FhT3ZySZdbLG4=h310
  • FinanceManager v1.2.2 patched n4li0JsLRIi6yKZ6GOYz2W3G_a_EHhEJ2lQLeJVnb0WjViUnFPZ_VnJT7067hdc5kSg=h310
  • FinanceManager v1.2.2 patched 8ehb66BtD3O5eMrB712ronWVRFrkcpVEago92RqGWA42DQAc5lMm91QOL9pvOcAtaEw=h310
  • FinanceManager v1.2.2 patched N3LX9yI8i0wgNY08CWlNt6aX-x8VypQhcqv1shAsR5wcOhBk_jlJJJSWYyHCqa1mUA=h310
  • FinanceManager v1.2.2 patched DTyugYRCR3122KvB1mAwrd1Myu_RYx1uuhZx1CWDptGXioP_QEm7jcDkT67Krsaeuw=h310
  • FinanceManager v1.2.2 patched RFCVIViudQUH3ocThc2QNOLLGokWZU8YJuzGkZDrzlRtL7KmsdPpjyhLHr2XpBg4dpA=h310



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