Fast Scanner Premium v3.9.6 (unlocked)

Fast Scanner Premium v3.9.6 (unlocked) fast-scanner-premium-v3-9-3-unlocked

With Fast Scanner, you can quickly scan your document, then print or email them as multiple pages PDF or JPEG files. Moreover you can save the PDF files in your device or open them in other apps.


+ Scan documents
Fast Scanner scans any type of documents, ranging from a receipt to multiple pages book.

+ Export to PDF file
All scanned documents are exported as industry-standard PDF file. You can add new pages or delete existed pages within the PDF file.

+ Email scanned documents
Just scan any documents and tap “Send” button.

+ Extremely Fast
Fast Scanner is optimized to run very fast.

+ Multiple editing support scanned document
Fast Scanner support a lot of image editing options so you can make the scanned images as easy to read as possible.

+ Scans are saved to your device as images or PDFs.

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+ Open PDFs or JPEGs in other apps like the free Dropbox app (or Evernote, SkyDrive, GoogleDrive app, etc) to send to clouds or fax apps.

+ Printing via Cloud Print or other print apps.

+ Universal – a single app that works on phone and tablet too.

This is Fast Scanner Free app but you have:

Fast Scanner: a little app that scans everything!

We are committed to provide frequently updated versions to all of our users. You only buy Fast Scanner once and get all FREE updated version later.

What’s New
– Bug fixes.

Premium feature unlocked

This app has no advertisements


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  • Fast Scanner Premium v3.9.6 (unlocked) NO9bXt5858RgyTiZ_etYAdT76BtD2t8KIIm0-ZxIOoZOpEfgYxCrzSGiPe2jK124vOc=h310
  • Fast Scanner Premium v3.9.6 (unlocked) 7wL4Zeqoi_0zxhP9h_W79wkNPrKeF0eb2SCrhD0c4LvDdA3L-zIAHTnoElLg-9N1viI=h310
  • Fast Scanner Premium v3.9.6 (unlocked) iKmzMIwJHISrwPYCdMh2jnlNDEGCjx7c0_RoygOeN82RHa9xwH3Q3zliE7IjcWy5PqnO=h310
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  • Fast Scanner Premium v3.9.6 (unlocked) rlaelqLXZpdwE2_ni7B4V6jku6y89A19PKmZvkgsRaBfBtBVTp5WlagM8g5srrm-KzE=h310
  • Fast Scanner Premium v3.9.6 (unlocked) C8iJgySu2VCYKrCiOP7-Qp3HguX1A6Lp2KEs3pz4fTfvpKWKJMEXextZGbSS1abiQw=h310
  • Fast Scanner Premium v3.9.6 (unlocked) g0UmK0h5hCRFZ4X7_qOZrV4lcIlwe4L2WHz72T_A_z6wJnUx9lWzozUE3DEzBT_QvCd-=h310
  • Fast Scanner Premium v3.9.6 (unlocked) XdqBQgePisZUnHpYIouZUyPfvdybUess41DZCAUxmPu-csju6JdIVDfhiKwqmt8aHXt3=h310
  • Fast Scanner Premium v3.9.6 (unlocked) IA4xPXr6VyMG9ZwOmH783lGZj3b5Rj8qupcVOPtdABbQzRgJRtIloNcOhAd6zbEb9gQ=h310
  • Fast Scanner Premium v3.9.6 (unlocked) ltbuZdJ4yFYa-gFeFdNTdZZYGWIpXqx0QzBOQ0aVk89K1E82a84mJLF82lyh64siog=h310
  • Fast Scanner Premium v3.9.6 (unlocked) 4P9qgXap8eatq5YKGz0brr1cM7WNeb6PFgxR-Suai0mjGZbRo7Qn2e4JFSNzEz06srM=h310
  • Fast Scanner Premium v3.9.6 (unlocked) CKj6O1njZ4q9tcO7BfoDb6CBOXKh-BJEsHjg12C_uemI7xif0rZw-5kWCo8-TfF8hQ=h310



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