Fake Text Message v5.3 Premium

Fake Text Message v5.3 Premium fake-text-message-v5-3-premium

Trick your friends and make them believe you received the message of their dream.

Ever forgot to send an important SMS to someone? This app lets you send that SMS as ‘failed’ at any time you want so that you can blame it on the phone.

Works on Android Kitkat!

Get the benefit of sending an SMS to yourself in one of following options:
1)Inbox – fake received SMS
2)Sent – fake SMS sent successfully to anyone.
3)Draft – fake SMS saved as draft.
4)Outbox- fake SMS sent to anyone.
5)Failed- fake SMS that failed to send.

Please send any suggestions you have for the app by email. Here’s some updates that were done.

Version 2:
1. Added stability.

Version 3:
1. The Icon and App name can be easily changed from preferences to hide the app from others.
2. This App has been updated to work on Android Kitkat!
3. Graphics revamp.
4. Fixed bug related to Time input
5. Fixed a minor bug that was closing the app for Android 4.3 users

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Version 4:
1. Added MMS feature to attach image with message.
2. Added share feature.
3. Fixed Contact button bug.
4. Fixed Date/Time bug.
5. Added an Ad free version
6. Fixed purchase related bug.
7. Removed Queue option.

+ Share Prank feature
+ Delivery Report

● Premium features Unlocked
● Analytics Disabled

This app has no advertisements


  • Fake Text Message v5.3 Premium VKEN47wOrhbz2XMyliDZlTmzrhdh4tkFmHzg6kgRsiiN8DkHc6Rdlii7JebaooH4CYM=h310
  • Fake Text Message v5.3 Premium BlSsVGr_qxHNYlX9mIWBaSyZ1ch-ZbLSUATW-cuf60wXNfZI0CdoqlxMdvTXQSj--Q=h310
  • Fake Text Message v5.3 Premium 0q9b5ZsBYvfJckwY8htYR-st0xs7LkA1xQQWO_WMBpZmbWW9KRp-LViz1iQY0-9Gpg=h310
  • Fake Text Message v5.3 Premium FzBklxvot3qiNyYl_101cmASvwlrzlWNqvhe6UyHr25I1HnbStWf0DQr2DRiC2Z1Hg=h310
  • Fake Text Message v5.3 Premium mL9nCxImM5Oe3x7QxZmswbFJFH4nHllUG1Xfu7QcByq9mMOzakuTONAuQNlR4APSA72I=h310
  • Fake Text Message v5.3 Premium ynOBianz62djncjSxwz7UJQmyZvjsr0WhcSoI-KE2oeIY_f0re1Q3e4IJH_syYICLls=h310
  • Fake Text Message v5.3 Premium YKEFzFNcJVV6NAEEYIzpPRAeTU4dfd1eCkt0255uKXpNla0ntpx1FPFSrvjxnngQ4w=h310



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