Euclidea v4.23 Unlocked

Euclidea v4.23 Unlocked euclidea-v4-23-unlocked

> 127 Levels: from very easy to really hard
> 11 Tutorials
> 10 Innovative Tools
> “Explore” Mode and Hints
> Easily Drag, Zoom & Pan
> No Advertising!

New levels are unlocked as you solve the previous ones. You can complete the whole game only if you earn all the stars. But you can buy an IAP that removes this restriction.

“Euclidea has been shown to help with imagination, intuition, and logic, all wonderful skills to develop.” – appPicker

“Euclidea is an absolute joy to play…it’s a game that every math student should have and, in an ideal world, every adult should like.” – Non-Trivial Games

***About Euclidea***
Euclidea is a brilliantly original way to learn about, explore and have fun with Euclidian Constructions! Your task is to solve interesting challenges by building geometric constructions with a straightedge and compass. If you design the most elegantly simple solutions in the least number of moves, you’ll earn the highest scores. Solutions are scored in lines (L) and elementary Euclidean constructions (E).

***Start Simple and Get Smarter!***
Don’t worry if you aren’t a math wizard. Euclidea starts out with simple challenges that guide you through the basics. Once you master the fundamentals, you’ll move on to tougher, more mind-bending challenges such as inner/outer tangents, regular polygons, and more. There are 120 unique challenges in total, which are organized in packs for simpler navigation.

***Add Constructions to Your Interface***
When you learn certain significant constructions – such as angle bisectors, non-collapsing compass, and so on – they are automatically added to the Euclidea interface’s shortcut, which helps you save time and allows you to create clean, uncluttered drawings.

***Easily Drag, Pan & Zoom***
Euclidea-created constructions are completely dynamic. As such, you can drag to adjust angles, lines, radii and so on. You can also easily zoom and pan. This not only makes the experience more interactive, but it allows you to more deeply grasp the relationships between geometric elements, explore various possibilities, and analyze errors.

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***Instant, Automatic Precision***
Don’t worry about spending time or effort trying to achieve perfect precision, because Euclidea automatically handles that task by pinning points, lines and circles to the app’s clean interface.

***Additional Special Features***
> A helpful “Explore” mode that allows you to see the figure you need to construct
> An inventory of tools that you create as you progress – you’ll need these to solve future challenges
> Some challenges can be solved in more than one way, which means you can try a different approach and have even more fun

***Questions? Comments?
Send in your inquiries and stay up-to-date on the latest Euclidea news at

• Level “Isosceles Triangle by Tangent Points” (3.10) moved from Gamma to Mu (12.9).
• Updated translations.
• Fixed bugs.
• Added Night Mode ($).
• Added educational animation to “Equilateral Triangle” level.
• Updated the number of moves for the minimum solutions:
3.10 “Isosceles Triangle by Tangent Points”
5.10 “Symmetry of Four Lines”
8.6 “Torricelli Point”
• Supported Polish language (thanks to Roman Matuła, Mateusz Zugaj, Dominik Tabisz, and Kuba Wolszczak!)
• Fixed bugs.
If you enjoy Euclidea, please leave a nice review on the store.
Happy solving!

● All levels Unlocked
● All packs Unlocked
● Hints Unlocked

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  • Euclidea v4.23 Unlocked Tew-eTqIHobBPSH327V_hdScy05GKccHRcZJejtnjUKuzwnw68GuT7dDQqsOgWHI2A=h310
  • Euclidea v4.23 Unlocked feS0ZHxOzRzarCe1vvw1g7fmsJsBZwoTnFsyadBdj35mrESXh062mBAgQHbLSjj4Gg=h310
  • Euclidea v4.23 Unlocked Zndwwda2nHQVuB5c5BzpCF_fJd7LF1PBA5DBdRJyKXuHTRSAQHhyR9gl3xQ7WAFov7Y=h310
  • Euclidea v4.23 Unlocked pB7AKLckRZIKEq-TpfY9L5Ijw3JF6mqScpe940aWmRT7Y_PUeHtae_aK0OY2iW8pxg=h310
  • Euclidea v4.23 Unlocked nMbna-dv8OPCG-tmy6eG9xrIzYmbLPlu-w1koBAbqCAM9D7bGWxFDwJhvgyFQyT0Sfg=h310
  • Euclidea v4.23 Unlocked RniAdyu3rIloBwO5bIkb6-kGgKY995aqp9ODSBbf59koUNc1SeeMDd6Rloq5TG3gJ94=h310
  • Euclidea v4.23 Unlocked rSWyqGfJErSzP4TeeH1h8QqgZ5ndyDBtZBUP0jN_0dkXhd5wSeT7Fd2GO39D_dNrVuI=h310
  • Euclidea v4.23 Unlocked D8N0A3qwY_uPnMCwys_aSgfQpoAiEeHl_Zyl6HSOEcBwVo-JIFDYJ5Y80ppyzMgOJB8=h310
  • Euclidea v4.23 Unlocked UiheRvma0e_nwph7CQz7oUQ8rnha5bDkdi_za1gql02TBESkwk3Dz52OUelsi9mFJA=h310
  • Euclidea v4.23 Unlocked 9o9rITk1eGwGWHOErfZACA2vF1C0qkX0eNXv5nTm3r3xseeAopKxZCniEcBj_nuI2g=h310
  • Euclidea v4.23 Unlocked EfsunSH23t-wng128Kt7D7KHhJ-JfS44K2ewU0QOu5ZD1nHgUiOpekT9mwWN3kz7DbJd=h310
  • Euclidea v4.23 Unlocked DqGBtR-mzFIg50qxFSE08GFmDCzpUNwfG00hRfbu155m2m5q6oCRBi3Qon4YDheTLJk=h310
  • Euclidea v4.23 Unlocked E6LHTPBUQnUef_hcQ5cMFvpDW9ePC02b4mk4C7uko6W5927vc-MXE5HloiLB5rHDuQg=h310
  • Euclidea v4.23 Unlocked Pi6l4Ocb32lz8z_vr4LPlAsQQHfUIg8Q4TSzyl29DXbBzViZ05-CHDdi0tCrFSQYP-o=h310
  • Euclidea v4.23 Unlocked eg6wQbyh6-1FU5V-p2hZevQe_LPXihGEhgJmTaSiuxw9eQfhgqGSg2vIzQH_dxhjPA=h310
  • Euclidea v4.23 Unlocked xkkigj71aSTMdsFr4VSt3M6CGyqw1mm9KI3fsU-Tu2RkHNMORmviwqnwTRP5sM43vryP=h310



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