Dream Journal Ultimate v1.41 Subscribed

Dream Journal Ultimate v1.41 Subscribed dream-journal-ultimate-v1-38-subscribedDream Journal Ultimate v1.41 Subscribed 1519297746_934_dream-journal-ultimate-v1-38-subscribedDream Journal Ultimate v1.41 Subscribed 1519297746_417_dream-journal-ultimate-v1-38-subscribed

A new and exciting way to read and store dreams.
With Dream Journal Ultimate you can:
– Sync dreams across all your devices
– Share dreams to the Dream Wall for the world to see
– Read/Comment/Like user shared dreams on the Dream Wall
– Algorithm based dream analysis: read similar dreams shared by users all over the world
– Secure dreams with a pin password on each device
– Daily dream journal reminder notifications
– Intuitive UI with night themed colors

Logging your dreams in a dream journal or dream diary is one of the most essential steps in becoming a lucid dreamer. Increased dream awareness and recall greatly improve your chances of having a lucid dream.
Dream Journal Ultimate is here to assist you on your journey to understanding your dreams.

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There are many more features to come and any suggestions and feedback are welcome.

☆ App theme redesign and modernization.
☆ Reduced app size and cleaned up UI.
☆ Fixed a rare crash on the “My Dreams” screen.
☆ A few small performance improvements.

Please let us know what you think of the changes!

1.40 – 1.40.1
☆ Clickable dream tags! Click a dream tag to see all shared dreams with that tag.
☆ Improved push notifications.
☆ Fixed a few small issues.

★ Subscribed to Premium Features ★

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Screenshot: Mod By Stabiron

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