Dr.Web Security Space PRO v12.3.0 + Key

Dr.Web Security Space PRO v12.3.0 + Key dr-web-security-space-pro-v12-1-0-keys

Features and Advantages

• Performs express or full file system scans; Scans files and folders on demand.
Provides real-time file system scanning.
• Using the unique Origins Tracing™ technology, detects new, unknown malware.
• Protects SD cards from becoming infected with autorun files and Exploit.Cpllnk, both of which may be dangerous for Windows-running devices.
• Move detected threats to the quarantine. Restore quarantined files.
• Minimally impacts system performance.
• Economizes battery resources.
• Economizes traffic due to the small size of the virus database updates.
• Provides detailed statistics.
Comes with handy and informative desktop widgets.


to avoid unwanted calls and SMS messages.
• Filtering mode selection.
• Lets you create your own filtering profiles.
• Blacklist editing.
• Displays information about blocked calls and messages.


will help you find your mobile device if it has been lost or stolen,
and, if necessary, wipe confidential information from it remotely.
• Lets you lock the device after a reboot.
• Lets you lock your phone so that it can only be unlocked by entering a password (the number of unlock attempts is limited).
• Lets you unlock the device with an SMS message.
• Offers a Google Maps link to a device’s location.
• Lets users perform a remote wipe of data on devices and SD cards.
• Starts audio playback and locks the screen.
• Lets users customise the message that is to be displayed on the screen of a blocked device.
• Lets you create a list of numbers to which notifications will be sent if someone changes the SIM card in the lost device. Allows you to control the anti-theft by having messages sent to it from these numbers to unlock the device if you have forgotten the unlock password.

Cloud Checker

The Cloud Checker filter will restrict access to undesirable Internet sites. Block access to non-recommended or potentially dangerous sites according to several categories (drugs, violence, etc.).

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The Security Auditor

• Troubleshoots the device to identify security problems and offers solutions to address them.


Controls application network activity
• Filters the external network traffic of the applications installed on the device and system applications. Choose between Wi-Fi and cellular network filtering, and take advantage of customisable rules (filter by IP addresses and/or ports, and by entire networks or IP ranges).
• Monitors current and previously transmitted traffic; gives you information about the addresses/ports to which applications are connecting and the amount of inbound and outbound traffic.
• Detailed logs.

The firewall is compatible with Android 4.0 or higher.

Remove ransomware lockers

Unlock a device compromised by locker ransomware. Features:
• Terminates malicious processes even on locked devices.
• Neutralises lockers that are not yet present in the Dr.Web virus database.
• Preserves data; no ransom needs to be paid to hackers.

How to remove Dr.Web Security Space when the anti-theft is present on your device .
Before removing Dr.Web Anti-virus, clear the option “Dr.Web Anti-virus” in the “Security” tab located in the “Administration” section.

* The application is now fully compatible with Android 8.0 and later;
* Enhanced threat detection in the system memory;
* Ability to detect the Janus vulnerability;
* Other known issues, including UI errors in various languages, have been resolved.

1) Install Dr.Web
2) Unzip key
3) Open Dr.Web
4) Select “Use existing license”
5) Select “Copy from file” then OK
6) Browser for the key and select it
7) It shows “The key file is received”

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  • Dr.Web Security Space PRO v12.3.0 + Key 8kfZ1cmpYb3fp2fUbEiiCrQFBFKhD4qm-QXiQ1oViSDwBKuLoUwHf0ZP1augZB_O_A=h310
  • Dr.Web Security Space PRO v12.3.0 + Key 5pxKHj-M0dmgXUJTjm8vk_p8ESuDThopf0rm-4sCRtae9ns9BMlr8BKCvTfv6ZxQTw=h310
  • Dr.Web Security Space PRO v12.3.0 + Key PgPM5wcecNrHqUK0aV6cd0BBcijoP-EskW1QJ5T_wecVxQ0U6T1XGEdYVmWfXgUEr-0=h310
  • Dr.Web Security Space PRO v12.3.0 + Key OnbhogprlANAM-FVontPxIOuvdX_vA5YDbiXQ-jdNAwJBTsYrXDmAa5wwRU2kOwTa4c=h310
  • Dr.Web Security Space PRO v12.3.0 + Key 6o1PP3fYLX5FrcVaBV6V2zLz1oMWttxFeRtoBrgnbfv7743V0cNoOAI2VLsML9Rb41k=h310
  • Dr.Web Security Space PRO v12.3.0 + Key mB9QGEzYz9sz7eFZw8z10LH4PsrZoM8L3NzN-TLPwDpJnqrBxloiIblGYyvdlWKlM_mX=h310
  • Dr.Web Security Space PRO v12.3.0 + Key 5HacTA18Ww-frpqwk76KSXhSSzmsq0I3w674P2OH5wav7a8YKR3GKH8BsOeu-Mht7A=h310
  • Dr.Web Security Space PRO v12.3.0 + Key EdTOm8AUDQC0DdYvrjjBCF1U9_IQ4-6E40dxTchfGT7uyBsbvlF8XXCCrYDE5we1BELj=h310
  • Dr.Web Security Space PRO v12.3.0 + Key 6kbhKQk9V9EZujPqM_fOGB4HERV0QC-MdFuenedX2dd_jJQl1j9pUajh9QLUglbvFYE=h310
  • Dr.Web Security Space PRO v12.3.0 + Key DXvI0Rw-jgqjzPSL-JpgpS6iLs4hoiNZEguk3froyfhIK28RlXX_TiX8DNE7xEYsFnE=h310
  • Dr.Web Security Space PRO v12.3.0 + Key qb8-UyNhaP5E5osTo2-FGUT-oIkxLqI1DOBxfjAhqLoXRE-LpmWLv2UushsqxL6qQz8=h310
  • Dr.Web Security Space PRO v12.3.0 + Key nhocG7O_Ht9nx_WHPXFp6w96mEX8oso_Q6xURYXHOQVVsbn8xAUHRQTuXnMNL8V_Xg=h310
  • Dr.Web Security Space PRO v12.3.0 + Key p__Kio7908uabKqPaYERfx4V0hyW1Lh5jIh_0sYLD219YsratswJ2HaOwExE-YmfmP4=h310
  • Dr.Web Security Space PRO v12.3.0 + Key EiCQt1zwbJl38zAwt7Gv5sKRxPnmo45oPuWCBXNJFUDhNPbxrp78dUB2qFv4jRey4w=h310



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