Disk & Storage Analyzer PRO v4.0.1.4 Paid

Disk & Storage Analyzer PRO v4.0.1.4 Paid disk-storage-analyzer-pro-v4-0-0-5-patched-3

■ “Finds lost cache files. It helps me to free up disk space by quickly finding and deleting big files.”
■ “This application is an essential addition to any file browser. it is very simple and convenient tool to search for files by size.”

Folders and Files are represented as a Sunburst chart and sorted by their size.
Сentral chart sector is a current directory. Its represented by a circle. The rest of the sector is the subfolders and files. Click on the sector and we go deeper. Application draws nested levels with a head of previously selected sector.

Disk & Storage Analyzer [PRO] displays mount points as a pie chart with a free and available space and the distribution of files by category (documents, images, videos, music, etc.) and extensions (for example, the distribution of the Music has subcategory mp3, wma, ogg, etc.)
Data on available storages taken from mount points of the vold.fstab file.

All contents of the device is indexed at run. Full drive search can be done in a second. Founded files are displayed on the Quick Search page after entering a search query.

Global Top Ten largest files mode is available. Using this application you can easily clean up device and free a lot of space.

User-friendly interface allows you quickly switch between modes and pages. Like Google Play application My Device Storage Analyser uses view pager.

Context Action Mode is now available for selected sectors (only for Anroid API 3.0 and higher). It’s very simple to select files and perform operations on it.

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You have the following pages in the application:

● FILE CATEGORIES. All files in internal and external storage, SD card or USB device are presented in a structured way:
By category (documents, videos, music, etc.)
By file size (large, large, medium, etc.).
By file date (today and yesterday, earlier this week, last week, earlier this month and etc)

● MY STORAGES page displays the summary statistics for available storage.

● DRIVE USAGE Sunburst is an Intuitive and effective way to display the data on the device. Simply drill-in and you will discover inner data universe.

● TOP 10 Files mode shows you where all the free space on the device has disappeared
● QUICK SEARCH mode shows the result of search or a content of a chosen category.
Clicking on the file shows context menu with a open or delete the document, discover its properties.
Long click on the category or extension will put contained files to the Quick Search page.

# The application is OPTIMIZED for phones (2.1) and tablets (3.0 and above).

# Application is still in development, so there may be unexpected force closes. Better FEEDBACK than low rating. Thank you!


* Bug fix
* Improved stability
* Widget supports cloud storages Dropbox and Google Drive
* Fixed Dropbox integration (drive should be added once again)
* Google Drive integration
* USB Mass Storage support
* Android Oreo support
* Gain Permissions with FileStorage Framework support

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  • Disk & Storage Analyzer PRO v4.0.1.4 Paid aBb1ZHx9a3zD4FLTCsSu7h9hcZy3yOv-2nXdNPpXTf3PgzGQaYJ-GM8g1hxF2a4vpqI=h310
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  • Disk & Storage Analyzer PRO v4.0.1.4 Paid afHvMH5NhLJl94K9nG-dLtKnH_ApbezgMASix_-6Oz7ccib-jAl3vkos7HH4vQ48Oygw=h310
  • Disk & Storage Analyzer PRO v4.0.1.4 Paid nuJwmv_j4t3-nmm_V7RT7GYUT3sB2sI6cVH3DZf4AfUrMvjZjpKxtY1I0X_MA1CiMOo=h310
  • Disk & Storage Analyzer PRO v4.0.1.4 Paid t8C86r7ewX33L0TGFhnXUwVGLK7do16pRtZZSR_KXSQ_pYJhSS_N7YC7hLRcevfJr18=h310
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  • Disk & Storage Analyzer PRO v4.0.1.4 Paid zbo7bCx8HDpC3gLdyP2mPtVZ0Xxm47AryydI025AA8eFNUQ3wvWTJYzmiw4EiSTB-_5g=h310
  • Disk & Storage Analyzer PRO v4.0.1.4 Paid KCS-8zV_FZOo2cx0oFe36F_tAT-gri-O7-ojRS4eeXJVkw1M6dyKXEfh57J4fADawj4=h310
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  • Disk & Storage Analyzer PRO v4.0.1.4 Paid R_DECZ4hCt-07aKDF5Pk3UMSeDBMYDmZMk25FEy7EZBRRw6xf-0fp-E8cIT0SiSzOPAE=h310
  • Disk & Storage Analyzer PRO v4.0.1.4 Paid v62Wj-1t87fW60t5-TEcL8rG7D_i5U1weypQZTgWvfOO-2dQ8WwlZrfytOxcAOTvtVw=h310
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  • Disk & Storage Analyzer PRO v4.0.1.4 Paid 4trI4HBN39NZPFYbB1aYTvby4Zal-JE3TBMWhSAZ9lz5UDVMIEMJI3qbgevWGqtPapKC=h310



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