dict.cc+ dictionary v8.0.4

dict.cc+ dictionary v8.0.4 dict-cc-dictionary-v8-0-4

Dictionary for 51 language combinations, usable without an internet connection (offline dictionary). Vocabularies can be downloaded and updated within the app for free.

Before you buy, please test the free version of the app (“dict.cc”)! Using this version you can try out all premium features for a week.

The “dict.cc plus” app is ad-free and comes with additional features:
– Recent Searches
– My vocabulary
– Quiz Game
– Vocabulary Trainer

German-English dictionary: 1 million translations
The following languages are available in combination with German and English:

Albanian, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Esperanto, Finnish, French, Greek, Hungarian, Icelandic, Italian, Latin, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish

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New translations and corrections can be suggested at contribute.dict.cc. Every translation gets checked by several other contributing users. The downloadable vocabularies are updated daily.

Bugfixes and finetuning after complete rewrite of the app. For faster search (DE/EN) please update language pack!

This app has no advertisements


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  • dict.cc+ dictionary v8.0.4 0Kgd1rq-X7ue11KvuSkyWlKuivTaQUeK9WyqEpvAUl9zDLA1N4H0uM4hVtRFyrqnbHQ=h310
  • dict.cc+ dictionary v8.0.4 X7twxi7XJX3bYARPLv4JTrBKtV3GB8r6PAOm3XbNTSE64LE0OaOyHuzrwb_0m4wyRVK4=h310
  • dict.cc+ dictionary v8.0.4 -IAJZwTGaUIpgExcXhTAEKf0soGG7MBQVFXl5PVV7AWyehkx5x-uv8F1VwflQ8KqR7k=h310
  • dict.cc+ dictionary v8.0.4 UsHHJoPp-nCXKgeqdJF52SOv1E77Drt-1r8qvBDljOFh1kmaNJqKkuXQ23ZBSDkZHXs=h310
  • dict.cc+ dictionary v8.0.4 AYcPP-IZ5jmwOXBEYUw2seUn7iYVnHRDN_3C5EiVrerwwzLxFOppSlNakoB8IXCil-8=h310
  • dict.cc+ dictionary v8.0.4 xb0M0LC7_pcYk6KlivuMOJR5SNgbB6_4l2ac6PEXbCaeJg-9ydVLQg4cQ5zm-0okTDI=h310
  • dict.cc+ dictionary v8.0.4 RD1XEVD0QCyUT6ay8tCFYDEfuH0ux_8UHtHJfp5j2I4fb0-KccjFBzfCLJtwOHQCD04=h310
  • dict.cc+ dictionary v8.0.4 qQasvR_za2NZdINgT0OCGZPqh-iyIq4PlGA8IiYd3EQD1DyuwYCaApq_Cu-fJ6n4a5oq=h310
  • dict.cc+ dictionary v8.0.4 s-G4a2VW5lgIirGj5uNeHK6TvilcptKxLn79mCOBO8KY0v6TCoWEvGtwYvm_7xErUA=h310
  • dict.cc+ dictionary v8.0.4 aU6JlCBW-vq0h2utgAh3aK4IGa6NbIur4W0Nvk5zZY4AwDDcoK3L_2LDaHGv1d6-kw=h310
  • dict.cc+ dictionary v8.0.4 _v_qkKxy44nTh4Od4BQGKO63vohGjayTHyHY57KGXml1T73wU9nXxsfgNqVQrkA-IG_m=h310



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