Deliveries Package Tracker v5.5.1 build 1893 Pro

Deliveries Package Tracker v5.5.1 build 1893 Pro deliveries-package-tracker-v5-4-2-build-1883-pro-1

Currently, the following providers are natively supported:
– Amazon
– An Post
– bpost / TAXIPOST
– Chronopost
– City Link
– CitySprint (Amazon orders only)
– Collect+
– Courierit, CouriersPlease
– Correos
– Dawn Wing
– DHL, DHL Express International, DHL Global Mail
– DPD,
– eBay
– ELTA, ELTA Courier
– EMS Korea
– EWC Express
– Fastway
– FedEx
– Globeflight
– GLS,
– Hermes,
– Hunter Trading Group
– i-parcel
– International Bridge
– kuriero
– LaserShip
– LogoiX
– OnTrac
– Parcelforce Worldwide
– Post: Australia, Austria, Canada, China, Czech, Denmark, Finland, France (La Poste), Germany, Hongkong, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico (Mexpost), Moldova, Netherlands (PostNL), New Zealand, Norway, Singapore (SingPost), Sweden, Switzerland (Swiss)
– Prestige
– Purolator
– P&T Luxembourg
– Royal Mail
– Seabourne Express
– SkyNet
– Stadtbote
– StarTrack
– TNT, TNT Innight, TNT Fashion
– Yodel
– Full list:
Got suggestions for more? Please send us a functional tracking ID and the tracking URL via E-Mail and we will try our best to support that provider as soon as possible.

Background Notifications:
You don’t have to always open the app and check for new statuses. For natively supported providers, “Deliveries” offers the option to send you a notification when there is a updated shipping status.

Synchronize your deliveries across your different devices via our synchronization service.

For many logistic partners, tracing the package via Google Maps is offered.

“Deliveries” was designed on the basis of delivering a pleasing experience on both smartphones and tablets.

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For a quick overview without opening the app, you can add widgets to your home screen

You can buy the extended version of “Deliveries” right within the app! Your purchase will remove all ads and unlock many more customization options. Just press the cart symbol in the main list and follow the steps.
– no ads
– easily import your Amazon and eBay orders and keep them synced
– set a quiet mode for notifications
– access to different app themes
– many useful convenience settings
– browser access to sync data via
– shake to refresh, …

Online Shopping-Integration:
Pro users can easily import all their Amazon and eBay orders in the synchronization settings. On top of that, tracking continues after the order is passed to DHL, UPS, USPS etc. (only for traceable, direct purchases).

Help us translate deliveries to more languages! You can now be part of the development, just head over to and submit your translations!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions via our Q&A portal


New in v5.5.1:
– added support for Amazon SMS code verification
– fixed issues with Haypost, Meest-America and Packlink
– removed native support for Meest Group
– [PRO] fixed issues with automatic translation

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