Crumblyy – Life Hacks v2.1.6 Ad-Free

Crumblyy – Life Hacks v2.1.6 Ad-Free crumblyy-life-hacks-v2-1-6-ad-free

Do you want to make your everyday life interesting?
We strongly believe that learning new skills should never stop.
Life Hacks by Crumblyy will help you become a Life Hacker by providing you with some of the interesting life hacks that help you make your life easy and interesting.Share this tiny packet of knowledge to your friends and family and let them learn few more tricks.
Here’s what people say about Life Hacks:
The Big Pitch – One of the top 10 apps, 2017!!
BW Disrupt – An App That Let You Learn Useful Life Hacks !!
The Vindicator – Life Hacks app lives up to its name !!

◼ 13+ categories of life hacks available
Various categories of life hacks available such as technology hacks , health and fitness hacks, food and drinks hacks, parenting hacks, daily-life solutions hacks, money saver hacks, relationship hacks, party hacks, survival hacks, study boosters hacks and brainy hacks combined in one single app.
Relationship hacks to boost your relationships, Parenting hacks to help you grow your kids, Study boosters to help you prepare your studies in a smart and efficient manner.
◼ Brand new design with lots of enhanced features
We have revamped the design of Life Hacks to make it more interesting and user-friendly.
New features include
☞ Picture hacks, video hacks and picture with text hacks added
☞ Like, Bookmark and share hacks in more attractive fashion
☞ Latest hacks, updated daily
☞ Trending hacks, showing most popular hacks
☞ Hack of the day, to spice up your day
☞ Save and backup your favourite hacks on server, to use later
☞ Download you favourite picture hack, to share and impress

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◼ Hacks updated daily
We update hacks everyday with notifications to make your day full of entertainment.
◼ Offline as well as Online
Life Hacks can be used in offline as well as online mode. You may enjoy Life Hacks even if you have a weak internet connection or no internet connection.
◼ Completely free with no hidden charges
Life Hacks is completely free and you may enjoy, save, share as many hacks as you want, for free. There are no hidden charges included.
◼ Picture, text and video hacks
Hacks are available as picture cards, text and picture cards as well as text cards.
◼ Share on social media easily
You may easily share your favourite hack with friends and family as well as on social media.
◼ Like, bookmark and save
You may like, bookmark and save as many hacks as you want.
◼ Invite and enjoy
Invite your friends and family to use this tiny packet of knowledge and make their lifestyle interesting and full of entertainment.

IMPORTANT NOTE : if there is any problem in using older versions of the app, please update your app to the latest version
Notifications improved
Multi-step hack formats added
App vulnerabilities minimized
General bug fixes & improvements

This app has no advertisements

Screenshot: Ad-Free Mod By Stabiron

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  • Crumblyy – Life Hacks v2.1.6 Ad-Free wBDlde6MmtgfC8XMVTaf0yoodxzd7h1CY8WSPBw6JrDyzKgtQRek1dmiM-65QVEYzw=h310
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  • Crumblyy – Life Hacks v2.1.6 Ad-Free 0CYnSuIvlOCokGWXgnELhziN6Bm1ivyTp_3RbMDZG0_BN37IW5hEzMtipealMO_vMMY=h310
  • Crumblyy – Life Hacks v2.1.6 Ad-Free F9-pEjE126bJ3mQFMae_aUykxoW52t7r30F61iZxOFHtK3jBzQos6-gYz4YYZwqWOW11=h310
  • Crumblyy – Life Hacks v2.1.6 Ad-Free Kiw7di0Zp0jGO8sDWYr0QvI_IAbFGG15rqV3JXmyUoh14ym7FiVAVwDXdG9_iX5XH-k=h310



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